5 Tips for Turning Blogging Criticism into Blogging Income

Criticism is gold. As bloggers you’ve likely read posts about how to shut out or ignore criticism.

Maybe you’ve heard how successful bloggers used criticism as fuel to burn their competitive fire.

Only one problem…..what you resist is true to you.

In some cases critics are mean spirited people who want to project their unhappiness on you but in many instances a less than tactful reader is presenting you with a golden nugget of truth. If a critic angers you, they did you a wonderful service. They revealed some block/truth that you should face and embrace to learn from.

Once you mine truth from criticism you can monetize feedback swiftly.

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Take 5 Deep Breaths

Imagine you just emailed the perfect article – in your mind – to a freelance client. Or you published an inspired, sensational post to your blog.

Instead of being lavished with praise the client picks apart your article. A commentator or 2 decides to blast your post to shreds.

What should you do? Take a deep breath. Inhale slowly to cure your racing thoughts syndrome because if you’re like most bloggers or humans your mind will race like mad the moment a critic lays into you.

Breathing deeply sets the table for the cash generating side of things because you can clearly and intelligently process feedback from a calm, relaxed space.

Write a Blog Post

Whether you agree or disagree with the feedback you can dissect the issue with a blog post. Or you can publish a post like this.

Teach your readers how to deal with criticism. Experience is your greatest teacher. Pay it forward by sharing this lesson with your readers.

By publishing a helpful post you can boost your blogging cash flow and provide a valuable service for your audience because few folks know how to effectively process criticism.

Assess the Veracity of the Criticism

OK…..this one may sting. Is the criticism true? Is the feedback accurate? Some truthful, direct people have zero tact. Some truthful, direct people are miserable.

Look at your blog in the light of truth. The angry, rude critic may set you free if they criticized your blog’s appearance or if they complained about your thin content.

Uploading a new, professional theme or creating in-depth, thorough content can improve your monetizing campaign overnight.

The change suggested – even if presented in a boorish manner – may just boost your blogging income quickly if you see the truth in the feedback. Once the sting wears off simply admit that the critic made a good point and honor their feedback. Your ego may feel hurt but your bank account will thank you.

Learn the Power of Being ‘For’

Have you noticed how placid, calm people seem to prosper easily? Of course they have critics but instead of fighting their critics outwardly and internally the calm, peaceful crowd releases bad matches to make room for good matches.

Being ‘for’ your audience, your blog and your brand devotes your creative energies to serving people who would buy your products and hire you. Peaceful people process criticism gracefully because they aren’t ‘against’ critics nor do they rail ‘against’ haters.

Let go the next critic you face after doing them a kind turn. Help them out in some way by tweeting their latest post or by thanking them for their support and you’ll not play the mental head games/internal strife that plague many criticized bloggers, nor will you fight critics in an outward, combative way.

Be for. Let go the critic in minutes by processing their feedback. Store it away to improve your blog if it’s valid and simply move forward to connecting with and supporting other people who are rabid fans of your blog.

Where you choose to put your attention and energy grows quickly. Focus on helping your fans, not on fighting critics, and more fans will show up to your blog to buy your eBooks or to hire you.

Your Turn:

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How do you deal with critics?

What tips can you add to turn criticism into cash?

I’d love to hear your thoughts below.


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Catherine Holt is the founder of Blogging Tips 101. She has been an internet marketer since 2012. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

21 Responses to “5 Tips for Turning Blogging Criticism into Blogging Income”

written by Amiti On 30 September 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

First off, great topic, and post that can definitely help every blogger. I would probably think that writing a blog post about it would be most beneficial. Not only would it help get the anger/disappointment out of the system, but it could also help build a story around the blog moving forward.

Have a great week!

written by Catherine Holt On 30 September 2014 Reply

It’s amazing how something that can first appear negative can turn into a positive. It really is all about the way you view something and how you let that affect you. I think it is something we can all learn from.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Amiti :-)

written by Nisha pandey On 1 October 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

I am totally agree with you here. Choosing a trendy topic with high quality content can boost every blogger growth.

Thanks for sharing such an useful information. Hope, this can help newbies to move forward with successful blogging.

Have a great day ahead!

written by Catherine Holt On 2 October 2014 Reply

Thanks Nisha. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post :-)

written by Mandie Sanders On 30 September 2014 Reply

What a great topic, Catherine!

This is similar to what I did when I wrote my ’7 Steps to Getting Over Disappointment’ post. Taking something ‘negative’ and turning it into something that’s helpful to your readers is the absolute best way to deal with it.

Handling criticism of any kind is so hard for reforming people-pleasers, like myself, but the hardest part is, as you say, acknowledging the truth to it. Even if the person really is a nasty jerk-wad, you may be able to benefit from what they’re saying.

I recently got into an email exchange with someone who started saying all kinds of nasty things about my blog after I declined his offer for sponsored content in exchange for “exposure.” My instinct was to react and call him a whiny, pathetic loser, but after writing out what I WANTED to say, I deleted it and went to work improving my website.

I love the whole concept of being ‘for’ instead of ‘against.’ It will bring you better results every time. And killing them with kindness really does help you get over it faster. :)

Have a great week!

- Mandie

written by Catherine Holt On 1 October 2014 Reply

Well said Mandie! As a blogger you WILL come across criticism at some point in time. If your not, then your blog isn’t be noticed enough….lol.

What you mentioned about writing an email and then deleting it is a great way to offload those feelings to help you move on. This allows you to get all the anger and frustation out, but then moving forward in a positive direction. Just make sure when you write the email you don’t have the senders email address in the send column, just in case of any accidents and hitting that send button…he he.

Take the criticism (learn from it) if there is a lesson to be learnt and move forward with confidence :-)

Thanks for taking the time to share with us today :-)

written by Akshay Hallur On 1 October 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,
This article is great. It’s short and sweet.
You are true that criticisms are actually helpful sometimes. Negative comments also matters a lot. Most of the probloggers handle negative criticisms, very cool.

If you have negative comments, then it means that someone is deeply reading your blog posts, and you should be happy for that.

Cheers, Have a great day ahead.

written by Catherine Holt On 1 October 2014 Reply

Absolutely Akshay. Criticism doesn’t have to be negative and your response can make a huge difference. Of course the Pro Bloggers receive criticism. The biggest companies in the world receive criticism, but it doesn’t stop them from doing what they do.

Assess the feedback and do what you can to turn it into a positive :-)

Appreciate you stopping by :-)

written by Ryan Biddulph On 1 October 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

Timely post. This morning I received super positive feedback on Amazon for 1 of my eBooks. The old me would have ignored the positive feedback because I was an unclear, unconfident person. The new me felt so grateful for his glowing review and suggestions. Turns out he would have loved a linked up Table of Contents.

I avoided making this change because I had no clue how to do it. Well, after the nice little nudge this morning I spent 45 minutes learning how to set up a linked up Table of Contents. Not easy at first, but when you get the hang of using H1 and H2 tags in Word – and I do, thank goodness – you can build quite a pimped out, helpful Table of Contents for your reader’s convenience.

I was open to the suggestion and after some learning, I turned that criticism into gold, because I’ve no doubts that future readers of the Blogging from Paradise series will dig my upgrade for all future eBooks.

Tweeting soon Catherine, thanks so much….through Triberr of course ;)

Enjoy your week!


written by Catherine Holt On 1 October 2014 Reply

Ryan that is an awesome example of how you turned criticism into something really positive. Would you have ever set up a Table of Contents for your ebook? Possible….possibly not. The chances are you may have considered it for future ebooks but the real likelihood is that you wouldn’t have spent all that time editing the one you already had published. This can only benefit you in the future and also shows your readers that you listen to feedback and you really want to provide material that is going to be beneficial.

Congrats on learning your new skill!

Thanks for sharing :-)

written by Hassaan Khan On 1 October 2014 Reply

Hey Catherine!

Great Post. You know What gives you motivation when new comers ask you something or you utilize your skills to help your customer. I was recently telling a Blogger about my Psychological traits (Studied Psychology in Business Management) that I always use Psychology in my Blogging.

Yeah! Criticism comes. Acceptance is good. But, it more depends on you how you take it and use it for good.

written by Catherine Holt On 1 October 2014 Reply

It’s so true Hassaan, Psychology pays a HUGE role in blogging. Most of us don’t even know we are doing it half the time!

Your mind plays a massive role in your perceptions of situations and depending on how you perceive a criticism will depend on how you react to it. If you become all defensive and angry, what will you learn? Not a lot. This is no way to move forward with your blog. Learn how to make the best of every situation and if you can benefit from some criticism then that’s awesome.

Thanks for giving your feedback here, it’s much appreciated.

written by donna merrill On 2 October 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

It’s about time I got here…we were on Nisha’s post and I came right over to join in your blog.

When we hear the word criticism we go to that negative place of mind. But actually constructive criticism is welcomed for me. Yes, we cannot give it that knee jerk response that we have within us. We take that deep breath, put things into perspective and think about it for a while.

I had one of the best criticisms lately and it was another blogger telling me that she was so confused about the gravatars I’ve been using. I like to do different hairstyles and each gravatar on social media was different from my blog. Sure it hurt for a minute, but I used that and made it a point to get a professional picture done and used it not only on my blog, but on all other sites so they were congruent.

I sure received a lot of good feedback on that one! I I did give credit where credit was do each and every time someone mentioned it.

Now that’s a fine example of constructive criticism. But there is another kind. The one where someone comes to you just to self promote themselves and it’s not done in an ethical manner. That’s where I put the boundary up. Just delete it and go on my way!

Thanks for bringing up this topic. We cannot let any kind of criticism make us weak, but turn it around and use it for our own benefit.


written by Catherine Holt On 2 October 2014 Reply

Welcome Donna. It was awesome to be featured on Nisha’s site with you :-)

Yes, criticism can often bring up the ‘ugly’ side of our thinking, but if we ‘choose’ to react to it differently, it can have a real impact (for the good). of course not all criticism is going to be constructive as some will just be plain outright slamming, but most will be constructive if you are open to it.

That is a classic example of constructive criticism you received about your gravatars, and I’m sure it was pretty hard to swallow. When we have such attachment to something it can be hard to let go. The fact that you took a step back, evaluated what was being said to you and then decided to make changes goes to show that you are not closed minded to think that you have all the answers. Gee’s….if we did, people would be paying us millions!

Thanks for sharing your experiences here Donna :-)

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written by Andrew On 3 October 2014 Reply

Hey Catherine,

Great topic.

I, frankly, love criticism. I look at it as a blessing. It really motivates me more when I receive criticism about something.

I know many people think and look at criticism as a negative thing, but if you look at it one way, if you don’t receive any criticism, how would you know what to really improve on?

In the past, I’ve used criticism as a way to get better and it seems like the majority of people who commented on this post has done the same. Sorry I can’t share any stories like the others because I can’t think of something particular at the moment, but when it happens to me, I’ll be sure to take it in stride.

Thanks for this post. There’s alot of wisdom behind the words you wrote.

Hope you have a great upcoming weekend.

- Andrew

written by Catherine Holt On 3 October 2014 Reply

That’s great Andrew, you have such a positive attitude about this :-) Motivation is an absolute blessing isn’t it, and if something motivates us to succeed even more, then you are a force to be reckoned with. It’s awesome that you can take the positives out of criticism and use that for your advantage. You will only benefit from this!

Have a great weekend to Andrew and I appreciate you stopping by :-)

written by Sumon @AdvanceITBD On 3 October 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

criticism is very important for success blogging. to increase the chash flow from Blogging criticism is must. Beside this Quality content and good guideline is strong weapon for better blogging.
Thanks for share great post! :)

written by Catherine Holt On 3 October 2014 Reply

Absolutely it is Sumon. It is through criticism that we learn to develop and improve ourselves. But it takes an open mind to listen to what is being said and not close off from possibilities.

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us :-)

written by Jennifer Abel On 4 October 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine, Well said, I do think constructive criticism is good and as long as you dont take it personal then you can make these comments work. I find I some times get knocked by blog authors after I leave a comment on site which I have thought is a positive comment, and when I get these I will always respond nicely back.

written by Catherine Holt On 6 October 2014 Reply

Opinions are opinions Jennifer, and that is exactly how they should be taken. Who is to say who is right and who is wrong. Take each comment and evaluate it as such. Some you can learn from, others you wont. But if you can always respond in a nice and calm manner than you are already a step ahead of the game :-)

Thanks for sharing!

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