6 Blog Writing Tips For Beginners

Are you looking for some blog writing tips to help kick start your blog?  Perhaps you love the idea of writing blog posts, but you are not quite sure where to start?  Do you wonder whether you actually know enough to consistently write in a blog?  Today’s post will show you in the most simplest form, 6 blog writing tips so you don’t have to put off the writing any longer!

Blog Writing Tips


Blog writing tips you should not put off any longer!!

 1. Practice makes perfect!

You may not think of yourself as a natural born writer, but believe me…the sooner you start the easier it will become!  You will find that the more you write, the more things you will find to write about.  The best way to become a great writer is to write!  Don’t keep putting it off until tomorrow, just get started.  What have you got to loose?  Ok, so your first few posts may not read as professional as you would like them too, but isn’t it better looking back at your posts thinking “I could have written that better” rather than “I wished I had written something!”.

Like any job, the best place is to learn is in the practice….so start practicing…NOW!  You will soon find your own writing style and notice which posts are generating more engagement.  This will give you clue’s as to what to write about next!

Each new post you publish is one post closer to your success, so just keep going.  Don’t put off tomorrow what can easily be done today!  If you are looking for some great blog writing tips, then to simply start writing has to be on the top of that list!

2. Keep up to date with others in your niche.

Reading other people’s blogs will greatly help in improving your own.  I am certainly not advocating copying someone else’s work, but after reading other blog’s you will find styles that you are more connected with may help you find your place in the net!  Reading other blogs will also spark ideas for yourself and give you inspiration to keep going.

The more you connect with other bloggers, the greater networks you are going to build, and the more fun you will have in the long run.  If you engage with others, they are more likely to engage with you, and as a result you will see a higher return of traffic.

3. Use blog comments to create new content

Are your readers leaving you comments on your blog?  Do you find that some of these comments are asking you new questions?  If this is the case that is great because guess what…..your readers have now given you the content for your next post!  In terms of blog writing tips, this is a great one, because it is not one you would automatically think of.  Pay close attention to what your readers are talking about, and provide more of that content.  There is a reason they are sticking around your blog, so give them a reason to stay!

4. Always keep your target audience in mind

When you write your blog posts, who are you writing for?  Are you writing for yourself, or for your readers?  It is crucial to keep your target audience in mind when writing any blog post, because it is that audience that you want to read your blog.  Whilst you may be excited to share what you did on the weekend, will anyone reading your blog really care?  Unless it is related to your blog niche, then it is probably best to keep it to yourself!

Blog Writing Tips

Write content that is meaningful to your readers and keep them happy.  Obviously you don’t want to be sterile in your writing and you do want some of the ‘personal you’ to shine through, but just keep it in check and make sure it is on track with what your audience is interested in.

5. Provide lots of variety

Have you thought about the type of content you are adding to your blog?  Do you have anything that will spark the interest of your readers?  How about adding video’s, pictures, infographics or slideshows to add flavour to your blog.  Do you want to excite your readers?  Changing up the way you do your posts is a great way to keep the interest flowing and keep your readers on your site for longer!  If they are wondering “what will that other post hold for me”, they are going to check it out rather than leave your site for elsewhere.

Keep changing things up and see what effect this has.  You will naturally be better at some things that others, but what is the harm in trying!  Plus you may even have more fun and find something you are great at that you didn’t even realise.  Maybe designing Infographics is your thing…and you never knew it!!

6. ALWAYS preview your work before publishing

I know it can be exciting when you have finished your post and you are ready to unleash it to the world, but just hold back on that publish button for a little longer.  Would you ever expect a book to be published without it first going to an editor?  Absolutely not!  So why on earth would you publish an post without previewing it?  You are with me here yes?  If you can’t remember all the blog writing tips…..remember this one!

When you preview your post, you are checking spell check, layout, pictures, sentence structure etc etc etc.  If you have added any links to you post, make sure these are working.  Things may look a whole lot different on the preview page than they do in your editor, so ALWAYS check this!

When people visit your site, they want to see the final product and not a half hashed product.  Do you think readers will return if your grammar is wrong, a sentence incomplete or links failing to work?  I don’t think so!  Every post you publish is adding to building your online reputation, and the way you build that reputation will be influenced by the type of work you are providing.  Be the best that you can be, and spend some time reviewing your work to make sure it is top notch.  Of course there are going to be times when things slip through the cracks and this can be forgiven, but work that has clearly not been previewed is definitely not cool!

Every time you post you are providing information and entertainment to your readers.  You may be providing advice, or helping them to learn in some way.  Each time you write a blog post aim for it to be better than the one before and you will soon find that your blog is looking slick with repeated readers all wanting more.

What are some of the things you always do when writing your blog posts?  Do you have any blog writing tips that you are willing to share?  Please let us know below.


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