Successful Blogs Are Possible With Commitment

Successful blogs don’t just happen!  Those success stories you hear about wern’t because the blogger “got lucky”. They are successful because the blogger put the time and energy into making it so.  Let’s take a good look at your own blog.  Do you find it is dying a slow and painful death or are you reaping the success right now?  Do you find it is like getting blood out of a stone to increase your traffic, engagement and subscribers?  Your traffic levels should be rising every month as you build a higher online reputation, provide more content and gain new followers.  There will obviously be times when this fluctuates, but on the whole it should be going up.  If this is not the case and you can see your traffic plummeting, or maybe not even getting off the ground, it is probably time so start looking at exactly what is happening.

It is always possible to bring your blog back to life, so if this sounds familiar, don’t despair because with some consistent hard work, it can certainly move forward in leaps and bounds and you too can have one of those successful blogs!

6 Tips For Successful Blogs

Successful Blogs

1. Is your blog design outdated?

Take a serious look at your blog right now….go ahead!  How does it look?  Does it look slick and professional or does it look a bit thrown together?  How does it rate with your competitors?  I know you have put a lot of hard work into your site, but be honest here as it will only help you in the long run.

Successful blogs are ones that are fine tuned.  When you visit those blogs you will find that they are easy to navigate, look great and encourage you to hang around.  If your blog is looking a bit outdated it is time to polish it up.  Perhaps you are still using a free blog of a cheap theme that is not really doing much for you.  It may be time to polish up on your blog design to make it inviting to readers. A poorly laid out website will loose readers very quickly, so spend some time to get your blog design right!

2. Successful Blogs Have Great Content!

We keep coming back to quality content don’t we.  Here is that saying again “content is king”.  Are you not getting traffic to your site simply because you do not have content that is worthy of the traffic?  How does your content compare to your competitors?  Are you giving away any valuable information or is your content a bit stale?  Maybe it is time to seriously look at your blogging and invest in actually learning how to blog.

If you are not sure ask someone else to take a look at your site for you and ask them for an honest opinion!  Keep checking your traffic statistics too as this will also tell you a lot about what people are reading and what they are finding useful.  Are there one or two posts that are primarily receiving hits?  If this is the case, write more material about that topic because obviously your readers like it!  Successful blogs will be providing content that readers want, not what they ‘think’ readers want!

Take some time to also look at your conversion rates.  Are people coming to your blog and leaving immediately?  How long are they staying on the site?  Are you providing enough content for them to visit other posts or do they have nothing else to stay for?

Spend time writing your blog posts to ensure that you are providing meaningful and insightful information and update this information regularly.  This leads us onto tip 3.

3. Do You Post Frequently?

We have mentioned in other posts the importance of posting frequently and if you are not doing this, it may be a reason why your blog is slowly dying.  You can be guaranteed that those successful blogs are posting on a frequent basis.  There are two main reasons why you should post regularly and in a schedule.

1: Your readers will come to expect updates from you on certain days.  If they are following your blog, they will likely pop in to read your new content.  Likewise, once on your blog, they are more likely to surf around so to speak and read other content you have on your site.  If there is sufficient content available, readers will stay.  Readers will not be interesting in old out of date information, so keep your content fresh and regular.

2: Your readers are not the only ones who like to see fresh content as Google will be sending out their search engine spiders looking for fresh content.  The more that Google can see fresh content on your site, the more it will send traffic your way.  The harder you work at this, the greater reward you will receive.  If you are in the early stages of setting up a blog it is wise to get content on the site as soon as possible to kick start those search engines!!

4. Are you being controversial?

Did you notice a dramatic drop after a specific post or two was published?  Was there something that may have sparked the drop in activity such as controversy?  Whilst controversial topics can certainly help comments and engagement, it may also hamper it, so finding the balance is the key.  You may find that it is actually a social media activity that is hampering your reputation, so check what people have been saying about you online to keep up to date.

Have you thought about setting up a Google Alert for your blog URL?  An alert will keep you up to date of times when you are mentioned online, which is very useful for your own reference.

5. Is your blog filled with advertisements?

Whilst you may be blogging to earn an income, there is a fine line between having too many ad’s on your blog.  When people are starting out, they often fall into the trap of adding lots of adverts on the blog thinking that the more they place the greater chance they will have of making money.  Does that sound familiar?  Well, in actual fact the opposite can often be true and readers will find too many ad’s off putting.  Readers can often become overwhelmed and not know which to click on, so you are missing out on sales anyway!  If your blog looks like a page of adverts and not actually a page of content, it is probably time to delete some!

6.  Are you promoting yourself?

You may have a wonderful blog design, great content and regular updates, but are you telling anyone about it?  Are you committed to sharing your posts with your social media networks?  Don’t just write a post and let is sit in cyber space hoping readers will find you…shout it to the world and let the readers know it’s there!  Successful blogs have their social media fine tuned and you will often see large followings.  It didn’t happen overnight, but it can be achieved!

Also spend some time on your off page SEO and build relationships and links.  Promoting yourself will take time and a lot of hard work and effort, but it will pay off in the long run.  What is your commitment to this?

Successful blog

Having a blog that no-one is reading feels incredibly disheartening and is the reason why many bloggers quit in the first year.  The questions you need to ask yourself are have you really given your blog the right chance?  If you havn’t been doing ALL of the above, then how do you expect to have successful blogs?  Anyone can have their blog receive the traffic they desire, but not everyone has the commitment to make this happen.  Which one are you?

What are you doing to keep your blog alive and well?  Please share with us below.


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Catherine Holt is the founder of Blogging Tips 101. She has been an internet marketer since 2012. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

4 Responses to “Successful Blogs Are Possible With Commitment”

written by Michele McGraw On 30 January 2014 Reply

I find that so many new bloggers do not want to put in the time it takes to create a community. They want to blog a few months and hope brands come flocking and the money starts rolling in. I always tell people that if you aren’t willing to create this blog and write for free, then you shouldn’t be doing it. You have to be passionate or it won’t be authentic.

written by Catherine Holt On 30 January 2014 Reply

Your right Michele. I think a lot of bloggers start because they see it as “easy money”, thinking that money will come to them in a couple of months…and when it doesn’t, they simply give up. People attend University for years without expecting an income, but for some reason expect it to come without any learning in the online world. It’s simply not that way.

Having passion is also a big key. If you don’t have passion about what you are writing, you probably shouldn’t be writing it! Thanks for your comment :-)

written by Phillip Dews On 4 February 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,
You have raised some great points in this post and I agree with all of them!

Is my blog outdated! Hmm I dont think so being a website developer and designer I like to think that my blog is good looking, simple and uncluttered as I think all blogs should be!

I would also add that a blog needs to be fast loading! People will leave your blog if you have to wait for an image to render over ten seconds. I recently write a post on boosting a blogs speed with plugins and CDN’s.

Great content. Yep thought great, useful, valuable, inspiring or helpful content the blogger is just adding to the noise of more mediocre blog content out there! Be an expert in your field, Give freely and receive easily.

Patience when writing a blog post is also needed I can usually tell if a blog post was rushed! Everyone seems to be in a hurry these days! Rushing and forcing it will only makes lots of grammatical errors.

Posting frequently. I try and post on a daily basis much like my blogging buddy and globetrotter Ryan Biddulph! I consider blogging as my career and so naturally should be done on a daily basis. If you are good at something and you enjoy it then you will do it everyday!

Hmmm controversial! I think that there is a time and a place for being controversial. Like you say it’s all down to striking the right balance! I am not against being controversial but I like to think that my readers can take something away from each of my posts.

Nope my monetization techniques consist of 2 adsense ads at the top and the bottom of each of my posts so there not in my readers faces, two affiliate products that I highly recommend and use myself and my buddy’s blogging eBook!

Am I promoting myself? Yep I sure am thinking so! I would also say that we need to help promote others out there as this creates Karma between bloggers. We all love it when people compliment us, so complimenting and promoting others have a karmic effect!

For every post of mine that I promote on my various social networks I am promoting at least double of other bloggers posts on those same social networks!

My last tip would be to visit other blogs, don’t just publish and wait for blogger to come to you as that will never happen! Publish Yes then go and visit 10 other blogs and leave long and insightful comments like I have here. It’s all down to action hey!

Anyway that’s my 2 pennies worth Catherine! Hope you like it!
Have a great week!
- Phillip Dews

written by Catherine Holt On 4 February 2014 Reply

Hi Philip, thanks so much for your wonderful comment. It sounds like you certainly have things under control and like you say, if its your career then you should be doing it regularly and professionally.

The site speed you raised is incredibly important to take into consideration and you are 100% right that if your site is slow to load, people will walk away and not return. This is an entire post in itself, with so much to cover, but as a general rule….if you site is taking more than a couple of seconds to load…you need to do something about it!

Promoting other’s work is so important too and often something many bloggers overlook. I say so many times, that in order to be successful online you need to be seen to be seen. That encompasses sharing your own work, but also sharing and commenting on other people’s. It is the best way to get your name out there and the law of attraction will work wonders here! Plus you get to have lots of fun meeting and connecting with some amazing people!

Thanks for your “two pennies worth”…I’m sure everyone will have learnt something from you too here today :-)

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