Blogging Tips From Marc Andre At ProfitBlitz

Today’s Friday’s Featured Blogger interview comes from Marc Andre at ProfitBlitz.  Marc is a full time blogger who makes an income  from his multiple websites.  His most recent site ProfitBlitz has been one that I have been following and is a fantastic source for blogging advice.

Marc has been in the blogging world for the past 7 years, and has some valuable tips to share with you today. 

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7 Crucial Blog Design Tips

7 Crucial Blog Design Tips

Content alone is not enough to help your blog stand out from the crowd.  Whilst “content is king”, design is certainly queen!  Implementing some blog design tips will certainly put you ahead of the game.

If you havn’t really paid much attention to the design you are using, then now will be a good time to change that.  Your blog needs to be visually appealing to readers to not only keep their attention, but to keep them coming back for more!  If the site is not pleasing to the eye, then it is highly likely that the content you have spent so long preparing will not even be read!

It’s not worth risking your content on poor blog design.  Take the time to evaluate your design and make some positive improvements.

So, how do you go about undertaking a great blog design?  The “Blog Design Tips” Infographic below walks you through the essential elements you should be implementing on your site.  If you are looking to maximize your blog design, then read on!

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Learn How To Blog

Blogging Tips From Sean Rasmussen At Learn How To Blog

Today on Friday’s Featured Blogger, I am delighted to share with you an interview with Sean Rasmussen from Learn How To Blog.  I have had the privilege of knowing Sean both personally and professionally for the last couple of years, and if you want  to learn about blogging….this is the guy to learn from!

Sean has made a successful career from affiliate marketing and he is now the founder of the Learn how to blog program.  This program teaches people to do exactly what he did!  His business integrity is second to none and his down to earth teaching style is easy for everyone to follow. 

So if you are ready to learn from one of the best….then read on!

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Identifying your blogs niche market

Identifying Your Blog’s Niche Market

Do I have to focus on just one niche market?

In the beginning, bloggers often struggle with focusing on a specific topic or targeting a specific group of people. In fact, I still struggle with this as a blogger.

If you are anything like me, you may feel the desire to write about anything and everything you are working on that could possibly be of help to somebody else. It is a great goal to want to help a lot of people with your blog. BUT you also want people to return to your blog on a regular basis rather than to just stumble upon the one or two articles that may be relevant to that person.

This is why you really need to think about defining your niche market, or target audience.

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Brittany 17 Hour Days

Blogging Tips From Brittany At 17 Hour Days

This week, I would like to welcome Brittany from 17 Hour days who shares with us her blogging tips. Brittany is a relatively new blogger but has managed to coordinate a very healthy blog following through her passion and openness with her niche. Brittany has also mastered the nature of engaging well on social media having set up her own community of bloggers who regularly shares ideas and tips.

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