social media engagement

Increase Social Media Engagement

Are you paying close attention to your social media engagement? What are your likes, retweets and +1’s telling you about your marketing efforts? Do you feel like a lonely blogger in a big social media world?

If your social media marketing is not as strong as it could be, pay close attention to the following tips.  If learning to blog is a serious commitment of yours, then your social media engagement is crucial to the lifetime of your blog.

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Blogging Income

Ways To Spend Your Blogging Income

Have you received your first blogging income as a result of your hard work?  Congratulations…that is something to be celebrated, no matter how big or small it was!  Whether it is a Google Adsense payment, an affiliate product payment or some other form, it is exciting and things will only go up from here.

Have you thought about what you are now going to do with your blogging income?  It may not be quite enough to go on a shopping spree, but it certainly could be enough to invest into your blog and as a result reap further success.

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Reduce your blogs bounce rate

Reduce The Bounce Rate On Your Blog

Do you know what the bounce rate is for your blog?  Are you aware of how the bounce rate can actually affect your blog’s ratings?

The bounce rate is simply how long a reader remains on your blog.  If a reader arrives and then leaves without visiting another page on your site, this will add to a higher bounce rate.

The more clicks you can achieve on your blog, the lower the bounce rate will be.  Sounds easy enough doesn’t it!  Well it’s not quite as simple as it sounds, but there are certainly blogging tips that can help to reduce the bounce rate.

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Social Media Networks

Are Social Media Networks Failing You?

Are your social media networks working well for you, or are you finding that it is a bit of a struggle?  By that I mean….are you getting the interaction that you would expect or hope for from your social media networks?  Social media can be the heart and soul of traffic on your site, but sometimes it can feel like getting blood out of a stone and a complete lost cause.  If the latter is true for you, then lets examine why this might be!

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