Google Plus Settings Images

Navigating Your Google Plus Settings

If you are unsure how to navigate your Google Plus settings, then this post will set you on the right track.  If you would first like to know more about the Google Plus platform, then I recommend you read understanding how to use Google plus.  Google Plus is a thriving platform, which all serious bloggers should be using.

Now that you have decided to create a Google Plus account, you need to know how to navigate through the Google Plus settings, so let’s get straight into it!

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Blogging Mistakes

6 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Worried that you may be making some critical blogging mistakes on your blog and as a result your blog is suffering?  Not entirely sure what those blogging mistakes may be?

Inexperienced bloggers are prone to making mistakes in their early days.  This is only natural.  Like anything you undertake in life you need to learn it.  Some things you will do well, and other things you could certainly have done better.

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How to promote your blog

How To Promote Your Blog

Do you know how to promote your blog?  Do you spend a lot of time and effort writing your posts?  I’m sure you do, and for that reason alone you want to make sure your efforts are worth it.  Knowing how to promote your blog correctly will save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

The type of post you have written, will depend on the amount of effort that you put into your promotion.  As a general rule of thumb, ALL posts need to be promoted and it is important you have a strategy to follow to undertake this effectively. 

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Blogging Voice

How To Find Your Blogging Voice

In order to establish yourself in your niche, you need to find your blogging voice.  Your blogging voice is simply “you” in your blog.

At the end of the day there are thousands, if not millions of other blogs with content just like yours.

You may think that you have some mind blowing new information to share, but the chances are, someone has already written about it.

The trick is making that same information unique to you, and you do that by finding your blogging voice.

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