How To Increase Blog Traffic

How To Increase Blog Traffic To A New Blog

Does the question “How to increase blog traffic to my new blog” pose more questions that it does solutions?  Do you have a new blog and have feelings of being overwhelmed?  If you are feeling like this, don’t despair because you are not alone.  You are not the first and you will certainly not be the last blogger who has questioned whether you will ever see traffic on your site.

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Blog Post Format

Blog Post Format: Formatting Effectively

Do you take much notice of your blog post format?  Are you even aware of how to format a blog post?  Once you know the basics, you will be able to use the formula over and over until it becomes second nature.  However, when you are first starting out, it may feel quite overwhelming and think that just putting words on a page is enough.

The format that you place on your blog post is just as important as the words that you are writing.  You are aiming for engagement from your readers, and a poorly formatted post will have those readers leaving in seconds, never to return. 

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Business Blogging

Business Blogging: What Are The Benefits?

Business blogging is all about using the blogging platform to promote your business.  Maybe you have a business and you are not quite convinced how a blog can help you?  If you have read our post on why starting a blog is beneficial, you will already know that a blog will help increase your sales by having the ability to reach a wider audience than otherwise would be available to you.

Blogs are awesome for business as they have low overheads and they are easy to run.  That’s what everyone in business want’s to hear am I right?  Ok, so you have a business already, but that business is offline.  The question you are asking is how can business blogging benefit me?  

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