How To Obtain Free Picture Downloads

This is a question that is asked by lots of new bloggers “How do I obtain free picture downloads?”.  Let’s be honest here, a blog without images is simply boring!  Images do so much for you blog, including helping out your SEO, providing visibility for your readers and help to break up the otherwise dull looking writing!  In terms of SEO an image gives the search engine spiders another opportunity to find your information and will help them to index your post.  The use of images is simply a win win situation.

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Keyword Density

Is Keyword Density Important?

Keyword density is one of the things that new bloggers ask about.  It seems to be the topic that causes many headaches which leaves new bloggers scratching their head wondering what to do. We all know that SEO is important for our blog, and we know that keywords play a huge role in the SEO.  But do you actually know the best way to use keywords in a blog post, or are you simply stuffing your post hoping that success will come your way?

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Increase Website Traffic

Increase Website Traffic To Old Blog Posts

It is always a bloggers wish to increase website traffic.  But, do you ever worry that you are going to write an epic post, publish it, and then fear it will be forgotten in a few months time?  Each post you write is building up the content on your site, and posts written weeks, months or even years later can still add benefits to your overall blog.  You may even find that you have one or two old posts that consistently drive traffic to your blog, and if you capitalize on this, you can keep it that way!  

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Blog Post

8 Things To Do After Writing A Blog Post

Ok, so you have written a wonderful and informative blog post, and you are ready to publish it, watching the endless stream of traffic come.  STOP….have you thought about EVERYTHING you need to do before you hit that publish button, and do you know what you are going to do afterwards?

Whilst it would be great to think that after writing a blog post, we are going to receive a flood of traffic, the reality is somewhat different.  After you have written a blog post, you should always undertake the following 8 tips.

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