Blogging Tips From Don Purdum From Unveil The Web

Please welcome Don Purdum from Unveil The Web today on the blog.  Don is one of those bloggers who just loves to connect, and you will find him commenting everywhere!  Not only does he provide awesome advice on his site, but he practices what he preaches.  

Don has a huge passion for helping other bloggers reach their potential and this is evident in his blog posts, his comments and of course the services that he offers.

I am thrilled that Don is sharing his vast experience with us today.  Please enjoy, and connect at the end of the post.

Unveil The Web

1. Tell us about yourself and your site at Unveil The Web

Don Purdum on Blogging Tips 101Thank you for the opportunity Catherine. I am a ten year entrepreneur who has owned several business during that time. My first business was an online community website that would later evolve into an online newspaper. After being bored with that I sold my partnership stake and started a web design / development company. During the entire time I did websites on the side form 2005 – 2009.

For about six months I freelanced it until I had enough resources to hire a sales person and a few months later a web developer. At one point I had a staff of seven and we were growing like crazy. It was an awesome experience.

After a successful run that had its own challenges mixed in there, I sold it and started an online networking company. When it got to the farthest point I could take it I left that company as my wife and I began a new company to work with business and their spouses. However, we had a hard time making money and we’ve put that on the shelves so that we can offer it as a free service down the road. Helping marriages stay together is a big passion of ours. We’ve been married over twenty years and my marriage has been the best thing in the world for me!!!!!

It was a year ago I decided to go back into web design and launched Unveil the Web. Knowing what I knew after building websites for so long I created a unique process to help my clients understand why they were struggling online with getting website visitors, conversions and sales.

The name really says it all… Unveil the Web… we are working to help businesses that are both online and offline understand how they can use this tool called the internet to help them advance their business goals, sales and profits.

But the problem is you cannot do that until you understand what business you are “really” in, what problems you “really” solve, and who you “specifically” solve them for.

Today, I consult and coach companies on how to answer these questions through their prospects and customers point of view, not their own. It’s a lot harder than it seems and it requires a lot of work to discover the answers that will ultimately change the way a business interacts with the public.

In addition, Unviel the Web also coaches web design and development companies, social media companies, graphic designers and social media companies on how to build a six figure business and beyond.

2. What made you start blogging?

I started blogging as way to network and meet my prospects and engage with people who want to learn how to improve their business. It’s a great way to demonstrate my competency, skill set and to genuinely help people. It’s my philosophy that if you come to my blog and you walk away without learning at least one thing you can take and use in your business now I have failed both you and me.

I love when I see comments come pouring in and people telling me what they’ve learned. Of course I love it even more when they contact me for a free consultation.

Between videos and video in a blog, there is really no better way to get my message across and do it in my own unique style and voice. I wanted a platform that screams something unique, compelling, relevant, helpful and interesting.

That’s why I blog!

3. What do you enjoy most about blogging?  On the other hand, what frustrates you most?

I enjoy a couple of things. First, I enjoy the research that goes into each article. I work hard to bring something different to the table with each article that many in my audience may never read or thought of before. It’s a goal anyway…

Second, I really, really enjoy the interaction. Nothing gets me more excited than to see a big, massive blog like comment.

Third and most importantly; I enjoy the networking. I read a lot of blogs and engage in a lot of different places so it’s really exciting when I see a new relationship start to develop.

 4. On average, how much time do you dedicate each day/week to your blogging?  How do you keep track of what you are doing?

On average I dedicate at least four hours a day. I write three articles per week that is between 2,000 – 2,500 words, or more. And, I spend a lot of time marketing and promoting my articles. This is the major way I do my marketing next to public speaking.

I track all my comments through DISQUS and I have a system I’ve developed that’s just for me to track where and when I comment or engage on social media. A lot of it now has just become habit from repetition.

5. If you could go back in time and tell yourself ONE thing when you started blogging, what would it be?

The one thing I would tell myself is if someone only writes a thank you comment (which I don’t get anymore) then they get a thank you reply. You cannot spend a lot of time just answering thank you, single line comments. It’s too much time that’s gone, so just don’t allow them and have a commenting policy in place.

6. What would you say has been your most successful way of making money online to date?

This is where I may be different than many. My online presence is meant to sell my offline clients many times. Now, in the last month I’ve been blessed to earn a few clients who’ve read my blog and decided they wanted to buy me. The most successful way is that I make sure my products and services page say it all. I don’t hold back on what a client gets or what they can expect. My online prospects are just now starting to come up and I’m developing my training system on video and eBook / Workbooks so that business owners and marketers will be able to buy those after the first of the year.

7. As well as blogging, do you have another full/part time job or parenting responsibilities?  How do you juggle these demands?

Fortunately, next consulting, coaching and building websites this is my marketing, and I love it! I typically start around 6:00 am every morning and I try to stop at 6:00 pm to spend time with my family. I am very family oriented and that is a priority for me. It probably doesn’t hurt that my oldest son is nineteen and my youngest is thirteen. It’s nice to be past the little guy stages, lol…

8.  What would you say is your favourite social media platform and why? 

I’m not sure because I’ve grown to love them all for different reasons. If pinned down though I will have to say Google Plus because it’s where I share the most articles from other bloggers with that audience and it’s growing the fastest. It also seems to be where the most engagement is at compared to other social sites.

9. What has been the biggest hurdle that you have come across in your blogging career to date?  How did you overcome this?

Just this last weekend I made a big mistake and modelled a post after another bloggers post that I deeply respect and admire. My content was all me and original but I just like the flow of this other bloggers specific post. So, I played with it and incorporated it into my article and didn’t get permission. It made this blogger a little upset and I can understand why.

I resolved it by just being honest, making a public apology and a more deeply private apology after I changed the layout of the post. I didn’t mean any harm so it was easy and fast to correct.

The key is if you make a bad decision own it quickly and fix it even faster. The internet can be a very unforgiving place if you are not willing to admit your mistakes and fix them.

10.  How do you drive traffic to your blog and grow your readership?

For me it seems it has happened really fast, but I know it’s because I created strategies, goals and objectives and I executed.

I started in April by creating really content heavy blogs. I networked for a while on social media groups and then I found a couple of blog directories that are just awesome. It really increased my readership significantly.

I started implementing the offline rules of networking online and before I knew it I was networking with a few influential bloggers. I left them the best comments I possibly could, I shared their posts out on social media, and I included links to their articles in my blog articles as it was appropriate to the topics.

They started sharing my blogs and we haven’t looked back since.

11. What is the most important piece of advice you could give to a new blogger?

Write great content, but do it in context. Meaning, know what business you’re “really” in, what problems you “really” solve, who you specifically “solve” them for and understand how your products and services are a part of the solution. Always write from the readers point of view, not yours. They will connect with you if you do this.

Second, don’t be afraid to network with people whom you think are blog celebrities. If you are blessed enough to get their attention they will help you, but not if you haven’t done the work up front. Remember, they’ve spent years building their audiences and they are not just going to introduce you to them if you haven’t earned it.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Don for sharing with us today.  If you would like to connect further with him, you can do so at his social media profiles.

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Catherine Holt is the founder of Blogging Tips 101. She has been an internet marketer since 2012. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

17 Responses to “Blogging Tips From Don Purdum From Unveil The Web”

written by Dennis On 17 October 2014 Reply

Always a treat to learn from interviews like this. It puts things into perspective for someone (re)starting with blogging like me. :)

Thanks Cath and Don! Have a great weekend!

written by Catherine Holt On 19 October 2014 Reply

That’s great that you found it useful Dennis :-) Thanks for stopping by.

written by Don Purdum On 19 October 2014 Reply

Hi Dennis,

That’s just awesome!!! Thank you for the encouragement!!!! I appreciate stopping by Catherine’s site to read the interview!

~ Don

written by Enstine Muki On 18 October 2014 Reply

Catherine you have an eye for the quality of bloggers you get over your blog here ;)

I have known Don for a couple of months now and he’s a guy to hang out with on the blogging platform. Just by reading one or two of his articles, you’ll know the value he can dish out.

Wow! That’s a little more about you I have know here Don – creating and selling businesses ;) that looks like me ;) I have created and sold some, moving to greater heights.

However, I hope UnveilTheWeb doesn’t get sold anytime sooner. It’s the platform where you touch on the most critical points of business. As you put it, this helps your readers to:
- Understand the business the are “really” in
- Understand the problems they “really” solve
- Know who the “specifically” serve
To me, these are the key points to success. We cannot be shooting in the crowd. I think being more specific or targeted brings breakthrough.

What? 6am to 6pm? So you only have the nights to spend with Family? Joking I guess ;)

Interesting interview Don. You are one guy I value over measure. You are talented and full of wisdom and knowledge. If anyone doubts it, let him spend 1 hour on your blog.

Hope you both are having an excellent weekend

written by Catherine Holt On 19 October 2014 Reply

Thanks Enstine. I am also very privileged that a lot of these bloggers have agreed to be interviewed here!

Don is certainly someone to have in your circles as he has a wealth of knowledge that you can learn from.

I agree on your point about being targeted. The clearer you can be about what you are doing and what you want to achieve, the clearer the results will also be.

I appreciate you leaving your thoughts here :-)

written by Don Purdum On 19 October 2014 Reply

Hi Enstine,

WOW!!! Thank you so much for the encouraging and kind words. I picked up pretty early on when I met you that we have much in common. What you are doing now in creating is spectacular!

No need to worry, Unveil is never going away. It’s hear to stay. I love what I’m doing and what is being created there. I’m really interested in this new phase in my life of helping business owners learn how to use and leverage the technology to help their businesses. At heart, I’m a teacher, not a practitioner. But, I had to do it to learn it before I could share it.

You’re awesome Enstine and I appreciate you very much!!!

~ Don

written by Don Purdum On 18 October 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

Thank you so much for the opportunity and for allowing me to share on your blog! You’re AWESOME!!!!

~ Don Purdum

written by Catherine Holt On 19 October 2014 Reply

Your very welcome Don. I’m so pleased to have you here, so thanks for sharing your insights with us :-)

written by Kevin Duncan On 18 October 2014 Reply

Hey Catherine,

Good to see Don featured here on your site!

Great tips and insight, Don. Learned some new things about you, too!

I like your “don’t be afraid” note about blogging celebrities. People usually fall into two extremes. They either EXPECT influential bloggers to befriend them and help them out of nowhere, or they are so intimidated by influential bloggers they never even TRY to make a connection.

Well, it’s worth trying. Besides, every blogger started somewhere. Today’s influential blogger was yesterday’s blogger hoping to be noticed. If you remember this, and approach them accordingly (and respectfully), somethings you can make an unexpected friend.

Great wisdom, Don. Hope you and Catherine have great weekends!

- Kevin

written by Catherine Holt On 19 October 2014 Reply

I love the point you raised here Kevin and it is SO true. The influential bloggers all started somewhere and they all have an understanding of what it is like to do the hard graft. The difference is that they would have ventured out of their comfort zone and they would not have been afraid to connect with other influential bloggers at the time. Don’t hold back. Doing so will achieve nothing. Take a step out of your comfort zone and watch how this will benefit you.

I appreciate your thoughts here Kevin :-)

written by Don Purdum On 19 October 2014 Reply

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the kind words!!! In the end, celebrities are just like you and me, they just don’t have the time or capacity to help people who care about themselves and are users. So, why be afraid to offer them value and give them what they need and want. Rather that be ego or prospects?

Zig Ziglar said it so best, if you help enough people get what they want, they will help you get what you want.

In the end it’s all about networking and relationships.

BTW, I love the new look of your site and I’m looking forward to reading and engaging with you over there as you start releasing new articles. Major changes like that can put sometimes pull in one need over another in short spats.

I hope you’re having an awesome weekend!

~ Don

written by Philip Varghese Ariel On 18 October 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,
Nice to be here again via your twitter page,
I am so glad I found your page from IBA
and I am back again to your twitter page
and thus landed here at this wonderful interview
with our Amazing personality Don,
He is such a unique personality in the blogging world
and he present the things in a systematic and lovable way.
He is indeed a great encourager too. I have been to his place
several times and enjoyed the benefits and I am happy to know
a bit more about our wonderful friend,
Don you are rocking,
Keep up the great work.
Thank you so much for squeezing out such a lot of info. from this unique personality :-)
May you have a great day

written by Catherine Holt On 19 October 2014 Reply

Great to see you back again Philip :-)

Don is such a wonderful blogger and it’s great that he was able to share with us. He genuinely cares about his readers and always has wonderful advice to share. I’m pleased that you found his interview useful.

written by Don Purdum On 19 October 2014 Reply

Hi Philip,

I’m so honored and grateful for your kind words. I’m working on a few things that are exciting (we’ll at least to me) and I can’t wait to help a lot of businesses learn how to think differently and positively about the Internet and how to use it.

I hope you have an awesome week ahead!

~ Don

written by Ryan Biddulph On 18 October 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

Through all of Don’t wisdom I just love the note of family, of stepping away from the laptop. I count that as a secret to my happiness. We work, Kelli and I, but we play a fair amount too. Actually, work feels like play to us but in the same respect, we don’t get caught up in playing online for much of the day. We just work for a bit but when it’s time to break, we spend time with one another, or with friends, or just doing the awesome offline stuff we love doing.

Some blog themselves to failure. You can’t work like an ox and enjoy this bit. We were designed to have fun while blogging, then, to get the heck offline, to enjoy life away from the computer. This sense of detachment helps one remain focused, and it helps one enjoy the ride so much more, too. No need to push yourself all that much. You’ll do some uncomfortable, freeing stuff online, but when it’s time to break, break!

Welcome to Catherine’s blog Don! Loved the interview, and tweeting from Fiji.


written by Catherine Holt On 19 October 2014 Reply

Stepping away is incredibly important Ryan. I know I have been in and out a bit in recent weeks and I am taking another break this coming week as I am going away with my family. Sometimes you really do need to disconnect. Trying to go at full pelt the whole time just leads to sure burnout….and a blogger in burnout is not going to go very far!

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts here Ryan, and I’m pleased you enjoyed Don’s interview.

written by Don Purdum On 20 October 2014 Reply

Hi Ryan,

There is nothing in the world more precious than family. When I was a Chaplain in the Army in the late ’90′s and early 2000′s I saw a lot of hurt and pain. One thing I never heard was “I wish I had worked more hours or made more money” when someone was preparing to depart this world.

In fact, what I heard 100% of the time is “I wish I had been there more for my family.”

Once time is gone we cannot get it back no matter how hard we may try. So, I work hard but when it comes to my family I’m there for them. No excuses.

I hope you have an awesome week ahead and thank you so much for commenting Ryan!!!

~ Don

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