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WordPress Comment Plugin

How to Build Relationships with a WordPress Comment Plugin

If you have a blog that allows comments from readers, you need to have a WordPress comment plugin that sends notifications to your readers to let them know when you have responded to their comments.

In my opinion this is an absolute must! Otherwise a reader may forget all about the comment he left on your blog post and may never return to your blog to see if you responded.

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Awesome Blog Headline

3 Tips For Creating An Awesome Blog Headline

Do you write your blog headline before or after your post?  How much care and attention do you place on it?

If you don’t spend the time getting your headline right, then you may as well not bother writing the article! 

People always skim headings, and if your headline is not strong enough to capture their attention right from the word go, then they could be lost!

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Daily Blog Tips

Daily Blog Tips To Keep You Motivated

If you could pass on some daily blog tips to someone, what would they be?  To spend time each day working on a blog post, or perhaps spending daily time on social media?

One of the things that many new bloggers struggle with is keeping their momentum strong.  It is all very well to start off excited and determined, but this can often fade and bloggers feel discouraged when they are faced with the competition of others.  Do you ever find yourself concerned at how you can stand out from the crowd?

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Start Blogging

Start Blogging With 4 Useful Tips

Are you looking to start blogging?  How much time do you have available in your day?  Are you someone that sits there twiddling your thumbs wondering what to do next?  I didn’t think so!  I have not  met many people that say they have lots of spare time on their hands and I don’t expect you are any different.

So if you admit to not having much spare time, what is your plan to start blogging and integrate this into your life?  Have you given much thought about how you will find the time to actually undertake the blogging?

What is your perception of how long blogging will take you?  Are you going to commit one hour a month, a week or a day to it?  Have you given any thought as to the things you will need to learn to make your blogging successful, such as SEO, linkbuilding, guest blogging, commenting, social media and so on…..

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