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Awesome Blog Headline

3 Tips For Creating An Awesome Blog Headline

Do you write your blog headline before or after your post?  How much care and attention do you place on it?

If you don’t spend the time getting your headline right, then you may as well not bother writing the article! 

People always skim headings, and if your headline is not strong enough to capture their attention right from the word go, then they could be lost!

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Social Media Strategy

Your Social Media Strategy Defined

Social media is a fantastic platform for you to grow your blog, but do you have a social media strategy?  With the huge variety of platforms available, and the relative ease that they can be set up, even newbie bloggers can get up and running with them quickly and start seeing the benefits. 

Bloggers can however find themselves presented with difficulties when it comes to building up followings on these platforms, and more often that not it is because they don’t have a social media strategy in place.  It is one thing to have a Facebook fan page, a Twitter profile, Google Plus page etc, but unless you have followers (and followers that engage with you), it will be difficult to see the rewards from your hard work.

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Increase Blog Comments

How To Increase Blog Comments

As bloggers we are always striving to increase blog comments on our sites.  Comments are great for so many reasons and it should certainly be one of your aims to have a healthy number of comments under each post.  It can however sometimes seem like pulling teeth to obtain comments.  Today we shall discuss some blogging tips that if implemented will help those comments increase.

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