Grow your Blog Audience with these Handy Tips

Writing quality content for your blog is not enough to attract an audience beyond your close friends and family. You need to build a blog audience but first you should determine what your primary goal is. Do you simply want web traffic in large numbers? Or, do you want to build a base of loyal followers and engage worthy people who appreciate what you have to say?

Quality Content = A No-Brainer

No matter where you research, you are going to discover that quality content rules when it comes to audience building tips. You cannot retain the readership you have without it so it makes sense that you need to be consistent with your content by writing relevant, timely blog posts in order to attract more people. The latest search engine algorithms are more content-oriented now and look at more conversational or phrase-based search terms than simple keywords.

Frequent Commenting

Visit other blogs, especially those that might be related to your overall blog theme. Comment often and share your insight. Ask questions or engage the blog poster in depth; they will more than likely take notice of you eventually. And when you add a link to your own blog within your signature? You are more than likely to gain a few extra followers who see your comments. Creating extra links back to your blog helps.

Make sure that your own blog has a comments section too. Read your blog comments often and engage your readers. People like their viewpoints and comments acknowledged. This helps build an audience as well relationships.


Utilise the tools the internet offers – join in social media. Millions of people are just a keyboard away, offering a potentially huge audience building option for your blog. You might have personal accounts with Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. However, you will also want to create profiles for your blog site as well. This is a more effective way to publicise your latest blog post if your tweet ties directly to your blog rather than your personal profile.

Building a blog audience takes time so it is important to be consistent with your posting. Do not get discouraged and stop blogging. Write quality posts, comment often and reach out through social media. All of these audience building methods used together will eventually exponentially broaden your reach. Think of these audience building techniques as compound interest. The more you invest, the larger your investment grows.


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written by Catherine Holt On 2 December 2013 Reply

Thanks for your post Sean. You have hit the nail on the head here. Like the growth in any business, this can only happen with engagement and an online business is no exception. By commenting, guest posting, and interacting with others, your social profile will be raised and your online presence will be raised with it :-)

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