How To Use Twitter For Social Media Marketing

Does Twitter play a major role in your social media marketing plan for your blog? Many bloggers are reluctant to tackle Twitter because of the limitation of having only 140 characters to get a message out.  Others just don’t know how to use Twitter to maximize their marketing efforts.

How To Use TwitterTwitter has several advantages over Facebook when it comes to social media marketing for your blog.  Twitter does not choose which updates your followers get to see in their Twitter feed.  All of your tweets show up!  This is not the case with a Facebook page where a reach of 2% or less per post is common.

With Twitter, you can also directly contact people and businesses whether they follow you or not.  With a Facebook page you cannot directly contact your target market without doing paid advertising.

These are big reasons why you should be using Twitter as a part of your social media marketing strategy. Once you have gotten past some basics of how to use Twitter, you are ready to maximize your exposure on Twitter.

6 Ways to use Twitter to get More Exposure for Your Blog

1. Share your most recent posts

Obviously you would want to share your own content every time you post something new on your blog. You can do this manually or you can use a WordPress plugin to automatically share your blog posts for you.

Jet Pack by is a plugin that has many useful features built in. One of those features is Publicize which allows you to automatically share a new blog post on Twitter (and other social media platforms you choose to connect) instantly when your WordPress blog post is published. You can even add your own text to include with your tweet, in addition to the post title and link.

2. Continue to share your older content

You cannot expect people to just stumble across your older posts. You need to also put your older content in front of your followers since they may not have seen a particular post when you originally published it. This is also a great way to expose new followers to your content. Again, you could share your old content manually or you could use a plugin to automatically share your content for you.

Tweet Old Post is a plugin that allows you to tweet out your older content automatically. You can choose how often your content is shared and the date range for selecting content. For example, I have mine set up to share any post that is more than 14 days old every 8 hours. Even if I don’t have time to get on Twitter in a given day, I know my content is still being seen.

3. Connect with your current followers

How To Use TwitterWhen someone new starts following you on Twitter, that is the perfect opportunity to send that person a direct message thanking them for following you. At the same time you could also invite them to check out your blog or connect with you on another social media platform.

To encourage interaction be sure to tweet about things your followers would want to engage with. When you post personal updates and questions, your followers may feel more compelled to interact with your posts. This list from iBloom provides over 50 ideas of things to post to get more engagement. The list was designed for Facebook, but most of the ideas can also be used on Twitter to increase engagement.

At the same time you should be engaging with the people and businesses you follow on Twitter. This will encourage them to return the favor and engage with you. Plus their followers may see that you have replied to a particular post and want to learn more about you and follow you themselves.

4. Share content that your readers would find valuable

To really contribute to the Twitter community you also need to share content that is not your own, but that your followers would appreciate. This could also result in those people returning the favor by sharing your content with their readers as well. This can be a great way to network with other bloggers.

The 80/20 rule for social media marketing is a general guideline for how much you should promote you own content compared to other types of posts you may publish. The 80/20 rule suggests only 20% of your posts be directly related to promoting your own blog or business while 80% of your posts are used to share others’ content or create fun, engaging posts.

5. Find and engage with people in your target market

The search feature within Twitter allows you to easily find what people are talking about. From the home page you can see what topics are currently trending. You can also search for your own blog’s own keywords to see what people are saying those topics. Then use that information to follow and interact with people who could benefit from what you have to offer.

6. Use lists to organize the people you follow

When you find yourself following hundreds of people and businesses on Twitter, it can be overwhelming to scroll through your feed and see the never ending list of tweets. You can’t possibly interact with everybody. In order to be more productive with your time on Twitter you can use lists to choose whose tweets you want to see. Then you can read, comment and share posts from a specific list rather than from everyone you follow.

How To Use TwitterTo add a Twitter profile to a list:

  1. On the profile you want to add, click the gear icon that shows up next to the follow/following button.
  2. Select “Add or remove from lists” from the drop down menu that pops up.
  3. If you don’t already have a list where you want to add this profile, select “create a list” in the pop up window.
  4. Create a name and description for your list and decide if you want the list to be public or private. (I would recommend making it private if you are creating the list simply to make it easier to engage with a select group.)
  5. Select the list you just created so the profile can be added to that list and close the pop up window.

To access your list go to your own profile page. From the menu bar under your header image, click “more” and then select “lists.” From here you can select the list you want to view. Now you are only seeing the feed for profiles you want to see.

Is Twitter a major component of your own social media marketing? Do you have any additional tips for marketing on Twitter? Please share your thoughts below.


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Dawn is a work-at-home wife and mom with a passion for health and nutrition. She blogs about healthy eating, family, skin care and natural health solutions at her blog, You can also find Dawn on Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin’.

19 Responses to “How To Use Twitter For Social Media Marketing”

written by Brittany On 16 May 2014 Reply

Great article, Dawn!

I do use most of these tips already (I still need to get the tweet old posts plug-in set up), so that’s good. But I still prefer FB leaps and bounds over Twitter. Just because Twitter doesn’t hide stuff doesn’t mean that your content gets seen. With people following SOOO many people on Twitter, it is so easy to get buried under all the content. I actually LIKE that FB only shows the best stuff.

written by Catherine Holt On 16 May 2014 Reply

Great to hear that you engage well on Twitter Brittany.

Your right, there are so many people using Twitter, so you still need to get your content to stand out. Otherwise you can run the risk of being a needle in a haystack!

written by Dawn @ Reveal Natural Health On 16 May 2014 Reply

Thanks Brittany! I definitely agree it is easy for Twitter posts to get lost in all the “noise” on Twitter. That is why I absolutely love Tweet Old Post! I have gotten interaction with my older content by using this simple plugin that I probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

written by Arpita Mukherjee On 16 May 2014 Reply

I also work from home and started writing blog and your tips are very helpful

written by Catherine Holt On 16 May 2014 Reply

Good luck with that Arpita. I hope that these tips help you get started in your blogging career :-)

written by Dawn @ Reveal Natural Health On 16 May 2014 Reply

Hi Arpita. Would you like to share a link to your blog? Congratulations on beginning your blogging journey!

written by Ryan Biddulph On 16 May 2014 Reply

Hi Dawn and Catherine,

Smart tips! I’d add hashtags are huge on twitter. I use them on some of my tweets to target followers and also run hashtag searches on hootsuite, to find interested followers, and people to follow too ;)

Thanks for sharing!

written by Catherine Holt On 17 May 2014 Reply

Great idea Ryan, as hashtags are very powerful when you know how to use them correctly. They are a great way for people to find your content, but like you say they are also great for finding content and people of interest.

Thanks for your contribution :-)

written by Dawn @ Reveal Natural Health On 17 May 2014 Reply

Yes! I often forget to use hashtags in my own posts but yet I love searching for what people are talking about in their own hashtags. I feel like I can easily go out and find people in my target market on Twitter. Love it! Thanks for reading.

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written by Dawn @ Reveal Natural Health On 16 May 2014 Reply

Thank you for this opportunity to contribute to your site! I am so happy to be a part of the Blogging Tips 101 community.

written by Catherine Holt On 17 May 2014 Reply

It’s great to have you on board Dawn :-)

written by Elizabeth On 17 May 2014 Reply

Great tips! I am still learning Twitter. I think fb hates me now, so I’m using twitter more often. Looking at my blog stats, twitter and facebook are neck and neck these days.

I still need to get that old post plug in. Need to tell my tech guy again ;)

written by Catherine Holt On 17 May 2014 Reply

It sounds like Twitter will fast become your favourite platform by the sounds of it Elizabeth. The more you use it, the easier it will become and you will start to benefit from all the features :-)

written by Dawn @ Reveal Natural Health On 17 May 2014 Reply

Ha ha Elizabeth! Well since I know your “tech guy” and husband are one in the same I am pretty sure he would be willing to help you out :)

I feel the same way about Facebook. It has become very frustrating lately. I am definitely becoming a bigger and bigger Twitter fan each day.

written by Steven Wilson On 19 May 2014 Reply

Hey Catherine and Dawn,

I have to say, I am a huge fan on #3. I don’t have a huge number of Twitter followers but I feel just from Sharing post on there, as I will this one when I’m done :-), retweeting etc has helped with the engagement of my followers. I’m a firm believer in keeping social media…Social!

Thanks and take care!

written by Catherine Holt On 19 May 2014 Reply

You hit the nail on the head there Steven. Social media is about being social and not just link dropping. You can’t expect to have conversations if they are all one way. It would also be rather dull wouldn’t it! I’m sure your Twitter followers will increase soon with your re tweeting and engagement :-)

written by Dawn @ Reveal Natural Health On 31 May 2014 Reply

Thanks Steven! That’s right! For social media to be successful the participants need to be social. I appreciate your feedback :)

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