Social Networking: Use It Effectively

Social networking is a fantastic tool, if you know how to use it properly. Are you using social media tools on your blog?  If not, then you really should be rectifying this as soon as possible.  Social networking is a great way to help your blog go viral, by enabling you to share content, attract new visitors, and build relationships with others.  Social networking allows you to connect to the world and unleash the social butterfly within you.  If you get this right, it can really add a lot of benefit to your blog.  

Social Networking

5 Tips For Effective Social Networking:

1. Be Yourself

How approachable are you on your blog?  Do you leave it open for people to leave comments, and if people do leave comments, are you responding to them?  The more social you can be, the higher change of interaction you will have from others.  Participate in conversations and answer questions…it is all part of growing your social profile and increasing your social network.

Believe it or not, readers actually want to know a little bit about you, and to feel that they can connect with you in some way. Social networking allows you connect on a personal level and post updates which will build your online persona.  When you are being true to yourself, people will connect with you and you will find that more people want to follow you.  So relax, be yourself and enjoy!

2. Provide value

Like your blog, your social media accounts need to provide value to the reader.  If you are not providing value, then you will see little result from them.  When you post your updates on social media, give people a reason to click on the link….tempt them a little and make them want to see more.  Simple putting “click here” will not result in many clicks!

If you ever use other people’s content, always be sure to credit the original source.  Not only does this aid in your reputation, but it also means others will take notice of you and appreciate the effort you have gone to.  In turn they may also share your work!

3. Keep up to date and be responsive

Don’t make the mistake of setting up your social media accounts and then leaving them to their own devices.  They are certainly not going to grow by themselves, and  a lack of interaction will only lead to a lack of interest from your readers.  If you are time poor as many of us are, you can schedule updates to cover all your accounts, but you must still monitor what is going on!  If you are receiving replies, it is important to respond to them.  You need to be SEEN in social media!  Don’t forget the “network” in social networking, to achieve this you need to be responsive and connect to others.

4. Respond with your full attention

How often have you left a comment without reading the entire post or tweeting a link without first checking the link out?  Are you guilty of these sins?  If you truly want to increase your social networking you really need to give your full attention.  You wouldn’t go out for coffee with a friend then sit and watch the tv.  Instead you would focus on the conversation at hand.  Likewise in social media you need to focus on what is being presented and respond accordingly.  If you take the time to make your responses meaningful, this will be noticed.

5. Take the time to enjoy!

Social media should be a fun tool to use, and the more you get into it and engage the greater benefits you will see from it.  The greater the benefit = more fun!  You will soon find that you are mixing with people from all over the world and building wonderful connections which is very powerful and very exciting.

It is a good idea to read up on each tool, and learn how to use each of them correctly.  This will aid not only your understanding, but also your enjoyment.

Social Networking

So do you feel more confident in using social media to your advantage and actually using it to drive traffic to your blog?  What types of social networking are you currently undertaking?  Please share your thoughts and experiences with us below.



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Catherine Holt is the founder of Blogging Tips 101. She has been an internet marketer since 2012. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

5 Responses to “Social Networking: Use It Effectively”

written by Kimberly Kline On 25 January 2014 Reply

Great tips Catherine! I especially like #4. I think taking the time to really read an article or post and commenting with some thought is the best way to show you appreciate the author (or person who shared it) and you care about what they have to say. I know everyone is busy, but when you equate mindless responses to going out to coffee with a friend, you sum it up perfectly!

written by Catherine Holt On 25 January 2014 Reply

Absolutely Kimberly and thanks for your comment here :-) Social networking is all about being “social” and it’s a lot easier to build relationships when we actually communicate with each other!

written by The Best Of The Web. 25/01/2014 | BizzeBee On 25 January 2014 Reply

[…] Social Networking: Use It Effectively […]

written by Brittany On 28 January 2014 Reply

Yay! I do all of these things. I would also add: Be on the sites that benefit YOUR blog. You don’t have to be on all of them. And: know your audience and what they need. If you want to grow your readership, you need to blog for them, not for you.

written by Catherine Holt On 28 January 2014 Reply

Absolutely Brittany. You have hit the nail on the head there. You know the saying, jack of all trades…master of none! Well you don’t want to be on all social media sites and not use any of them effectively. Pick the ones that are geared towards your target audience and master those ones well. Splitting attention in too many directions is detrimental, so pick a few and become an expert! Thanks for your comment :-)

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