Understanding Your Blog Traffic Reports

One of the things that EVERY blogger should be paying attention to, is their blog traffic reports.  It is your traffic reports that tell you all about the health of your site.  Ignore these reports at your own peril!

There are many advantages for paying close attention to your blog traffic reports, such as increasing your traffic, engaging with your audience, providing relevant content and reducing the bounce rate.

Do your traffic reports seem like a foreign language to you?  It’s alright if you feel this way, because they certainly felt like that to me when I first started blogging.  However, if you want to get serious about your blog, you do need to start to gain an understanding around your blog traffic reports and know what to look out for.

Ensure you have blog traffic reports set up:

Blog Traffic ReportsIf you have not already done so, it is advisable to set up Google Analytics on your blog as soon as possible.

Google Analytics will provide you with detailed statistics about your blog traffic, providing details such as where the traffic is coming from, what is being searched for, how  long people are staying on your site and much much more.  The Google Analytics is an inside look into your website and is a tool you must be using.

What should you be looking at with your Google Analytics?

Pay attention to incoming links:

Are you receiving any incoming links to your blog?  This is where readers have come to your blog from another source.  It could have been that you participated in a community, wrote a guest post or left a blog comment.

An incoming link could even be that someone has chosen to include your link in a roundup of ideas.  If this is the case, make sure you stop by and thank them, after all they have just given you free traffic!  If you say thanks, they are more likely to do it again!

What Keywords are being searched for?

Your blog traffic reports will identify the keywords that readers are using to find your site.  This will help you identify what people are finding interesting and what people are actually looking for.

Also pay attention to the bounce rate of your site.  Are readers finding what they were looking for or are they leaving and going elsewhere?

If you are not receiving any traffic from your keywords, then it would be a good time to revisit your SEO!

What pages are people visiting?

Your blog traffic reports will provide you an insight as to what posts people are reading.  Are readers attending the same page all the time, or do you have a spread across all your posts?

Is there something standing out to you that people are particularly engaging with?  If you appear to have a ‘gold nugget post’ which is one of those posts that is very popular, you might like to consider placing a strong call to action at the end to grab people’s attention.

What are your traffic reports telling you about your Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate on your blog is incredibly important to identify whether readers are being fulfilled by what they are reading on your site, or whether they are leaving for pastures new, never to return.   It should be your aim to have your readers stay and look around your site, not bounce right off it!

Spend time working on your interlinking and providing quality content to ensure that readers can literally stay on your blog to have all their questions answered.  This will reduce your bounce rate and help your traffic stats.  If the traffic reports are indicating you have a high bounce rate, you particularly need to pay close attention to this!

Check your blog traffic reports regularly:

Blog Traffic ReportsHow often do you visit your reports?  It is advisable to check in regularly, at least weekly to gain an understanding of what is happening on your blog.

Failing to pay close attention to your stats could be leaving yourself short of massive opportunities and the potential to push your blog forward.

Your traffic reports are an inside look into exactly what is happening on your blog.  It is not possible to look at progressing and improving if you don’t know what is working well and what is not.

Some bloggers check their stats daily (and I have certainly been caught from doing this!).  Stats can become very obsessive (in a good way), but if you learn to respect what your stats are telling you, you can use this to your advantage and truly benefit from the results, seeing your traffic reports going higher and higher!

There is certainly a lot more to learn with understanding your blog traffic reports, but these blogging tips will give you a good place to start.  Try implementing these tips and pay attention to the results you are getting in your traffic.  Once you have mastered these basics you can then look at moving into more detailed analysis.

Do you require some more guidance in understanding your traffic reports?  The learn how to blog program can walk you through this process in detail and provide assistance to ensure that your traffic reports are working well for you and your blog’s health!

How often do you check your traffic reports?  Have you learnt anything from them that has helped move your blog forward?  Please share your thoughts with us below.



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Catherine Holt is the founder of Blogging Tips 101. She has been an internet marketer since 2012. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

6 Responses to “Understanding Your Blog Traffic Reports”

written by Marc On 14 March 2014 Reply

I tend to pay attention to average pageviews per visitor, in addition to the other things you mentioned here. If you can increase the average number of pages viewed even without increasing you traffic you can get more engagement and better results.

written by Catherine Holt On 14 March 2014 Reply

Thanks for your comment Marc, you have raised a really good point. Increasing the number of page views per visitor will help keep your bounce rate low, and this is great. It definitely pays to give attention to what is happening :-)

written by Bhavesh Patel On 24 March 2014 Reply

As a new blogger I never see or analyze my blog traffic. I insert my site in to Google Analytic but yet not seen the analytic. But now after reading this I think have to check my traffic. :)

written by Catherine Holt On 24 March 2014 Reply

Absolutely Bhavesh, go and check them out! You may be surprised at what they tell you. If you don’t know what your traffic is doing, it is going to be hard to know how to improve. Not looking at your stats is basically blogging blind. Keep yourself updated with them, spend some time analyzing them and see what difference it makes :-)

written by Bhavesh Patel On 25 March 2014 Reply

You are right Catherine. I am totally surprise after checking my webmaster tool and Google analytic. This makes me feel happy. From now onwards I regular check these two tools.

written by Catherine Holt On 25 March 2014 Reply

Fantastic Bhavesh, that’s great news :-)

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