Basketball Legends codes (July 2024)

Basketball Legends codes
Basketball Legends codes (Image via: InfinitySports)

Basketball Legends is a popular game on Roblox. It lets players enjoy quick basketball matches and show off their skills. To make the game more fun, the developers release codes that give players free rewards. These rewards include coins, skins, and boosts. As of July 2024, there are many active and expired codes that players can use.

Active Basketball Legends Codes

In Basketball Legends, you can redeem codes to get free in-game items. Here is a list of some active codes:

  • SUMMER24: Redeem for 1 Summer case (New)
  • NEWCASE: Redeem for 1 Effect case #3 (New)
  • DELAYLEGENDS: Redeem for the Musical Phenomenon effect (New)
  • MEMORIALDAY24: Redeem for 10k Coins
  • CYBER: Redeem for 1 Cyber Case
  • ECLIPSE24: Redeem for Solar Eclipse 24 Effect
  • GALAXY: Redeem for 1 Space Case
  • EASTER24: Redeem for 1 Spring 2024 Case
  • HL1KLIKES: Redeem for 10k Coins
  • IMLUCKYTODAY: Redeem for a free skin
  • IRISHSPRINGGREEN: Redeem for 1 Limited Time Case
  • JANUARY: Redeem for 1 Limited Time Case
  • JOLLY: Redeem for 1 Christmas Case
  • 80KLIKES: Redeem for 5k Coins
  • 70KLIKES: Redeem for 5k Coins
  • 60KLIKES: Redeem for 10k Coins
  • coinboost: Redeem for 30-minute 2x Coin Boost
  • SPOOKY: Redeem for 10k Coins

Make sure to use these codes quickly. They have an expiration date and will not work once they expire.

Expired Codes

Here are some codes that have expired:

  • BOOST – 30 minutes of 2x coins booster.
  • 20KLIKES – Free rewards.
  • SKINS – 3 Coin Skin Case #1.
  • CHEESY – Free rewards.
  • COINS – 10,000 coins.
  • 10KLIKES – Free rewards.
  • 5KLIKES – Free rewards.
  • 1KLIKES – Free rewards.
  • SORRY – Free rewards.
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How to Redeem Codes in Basketball Legends

To redeem codes in Basketball Legends, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Roblox and launch Basketball Legends.
  2. Click on the “Codes” button on the left side of the screen. It has a star icon.
  3. Enter the code into the text box.
  4. Click the “Claim” button to get your reward.

If a code doesn’t work, try closing the game and reopening it. This can update the game and make the code work.

Finding More Codes

To stay updated with new codes, join the official Discord server of Basketball Legends. You can also check websites that frequently update lists of active codes. Regularly checking these sources ensures you don’t miss out on new rewards.

Using codes in Basketball Legends is a great way to get free in-game rewards. These rewards can help you progress faster and enjoy the game more. Make sure to use the codes before they expire and stay updated with new codes by following official channels and websites.