Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Now Available on Steam

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Now Available on Steam
Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Now Available on Steam (Image via: @Steam X Handle)

June 21, 2024 — The much-anticipated expansion for Elden Ring, titled Shadow of the Erdtree, is now available on Steam. The expansion promises to bring a host of new content to the already expansive game, providing players with new adventures, challenges, and lore to uncover.

Shadow of the Erdtree is FromSoftware’s largest expansion to date. The new DLC allows players to explore the mysterious Land of Shadow, a new area shrouded in darkness and secrets. This region is where the goddess Marika first set foot, and it plays a crucial role in the game’s evolving story. Players are guided by Empyrean Miquella, who leads them through this new land filled with hidden dangers and ancient mysteries​​.

New Features

The expansion introduces several new features to Elden Ring:

  1. New Weapons and Magic: Shadow of the Erdtree brings eight new weapon categories, including the long and heavy Odachi, the reverse-hand Gyakute Ken, and new Martial Arts moves. There are also new spells, Ashes of War, and talismans​.
  2. New Enemies and Bosses: Players will face new adversaries, including a giant swamp hippo with electric thorns, a lady in red on an ethereal field, and a new variant of the Tree Sentinel. The main boss, Messmer the Impaler, is a significant addition, offering a challenging encounter​.
  3. Enhanced RPG Elements: The DLC deepens the role-playing elements of Elden Ring with new weapons, equipment, and skills. This allows players to further customize their characters and approach challenges in diverse ways​​.

Story and Lore

The expansion dives deeper into the lore of Elden Ring, focusing on Miquella, a key character who abandoned the Golden Order to create the Haligtree. The Land of Shadow is where Miquella awaits the return of his promised Lord. The story is rich with new plotlines and character interactions, expanding the world of Elden Ring significantly​.

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The first trailer for Shadow of the Erdtree revealed intriguing scenes, including a cloaked figure at Mohgwyn Palace and the dark, twisted landscape dominated by the Haligtree. The expansion also teases the presence of new spells and abilities, such as a spell that conjures the head of a great horned bear​.

Release and Availability

Shadow of the Erdtree is available on multiple platforms, including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. The global release times varied slightly by region, with PC players gaining access slightly earlier than console players in some areas.

In addition to the standard expansion, FromSoftware offers several premium editions. The Premium Bundle includes the expansion, an art book, and a soundtrack. The Collector’s Edition comes with a 46cm statue of Messmer the Impaler, an art book, and a digital soundtrack. These editions provide fans with exclusive content and collectibles​.