Exciting New Features in Palworld’s Sakurajima Update Coming June 27th

Exciting New Features in Palworld's Sakurajima Update Coming June 27th
Exciting New Features in Palworld’s Sakurajima Update Coming June 27th (Image via: @Palworld_EN X Handle)

Palworld, a popular game, is releasing a major update on June 27th. This update, known as the Sakurajima Update, promises many new features and improvements for players.

New Island

One of the most anticipated features is a new island. This island will offer players a fresh environment to explore. It’s expected to have unique landscapes and hidden treasures.

New Pals and Subspecies

The update will introduce many new Pals and subspecies. These new creatures will add variety to the game. Players can look forward to discovering and capturing these new Pals.

New Raid and Hard-Mode Bosses

A new raid is coming with the Sakurajima Update. This raid will challenge players with tough enemies and complex strategies. Additionally, there will be hard-mode bosses. These bosses will test even the most experienced players.

Plunder an Enemy Oil Rig

Another exciting feature is the ability to plunder an enemy oil rig. This adds a new layer of adventure and excitement. Players will need to strategize and work together to succeed.

Expanded Building and New Level Cap

Building options in the game will be expanded. This will allow players to create more complex and personalized structures. Furthermore, the level cap is being raised. This will enable players to continue growing and improving their characters.

Xbox Dedicated Servers

For Xbox players, dedicated servers are being introduced. This will enhance the gaming experience by providing smoother and more stable online play.

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More Features

The Sakurajima Update will include many other features. Players can expect quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes. These changes aim to make the game more enjoyable and immersive.