New PUBG Mobile Update Introduces World of Wonder Mode

New PUBG Mobile Update Introduces World of Wonder Mode
New PUBG Mobile Update Introduces World of Wonder Mode (Image via: @PUBGMOBILE X Handle)

PUBG Mobile has launched an exciting new update that introduces the World of Wonder mode. This new feature allows players to engage in various creative and dynamic game modes. On June 14, 2024, PUBG Mobile announced the addition of World of Wonder, inviting players to experience soccer with mechs, vehicle combat, and firearm battles.

The World of Wonder update provides players with the tools to create and customize their own game maps and modes. Players can experiment with different terrains, building structures, and gameplay devices to craft unique experiences. This mode enhances creativity and allows players to set their own rules and objectives​.

Key Features of World of Wonder

Map Customization: Players can choose from various terrains such as Bird Perch, Coral Reef, and Jade Realm, each offering distinct gameplay opportunities. The classic Erangel map is also available for extensive customization​​.

Building and Decorations: With 29 building prefabs, 42 materials, and 146 decorations, players can design immersive environments. This feature encourages exploration and personalization, enabling players to create unique structures and layouts​​.

Gameplay Devices: The update includes 25 gameplay devices that enhance the player experience. These devices allow players to control hazardous areas, manage supply drops, define safe zones, and customize player spawn points. Other devices help track player scores, spawn items, and customize the heads-up display​​.

New Game Modes

World of Wonder introduces several new game modes:

  • Free4All: A competitive team deathmatch mode with elimination victory.
  • Triathlon: A single-player survival mode against battleground soldiers.
  • Ultimate Parkour: A multiplayer obstacle race​.

Players can also engage in traditional battle-royale gameplay using the Erangel Template or create dynamic arena-style matches with the Craft Mode Template​​.

Incentives for Creators

PUBG Mobile has announced a substantial investment in its Wonder Creators Network, with a $100 million plan to support creators over the next three years. This initiative includes themed contests, in-game rewards, and a new creator growth system called “Journey to Wonders.” Creators can earn experience points by designing maps and achieving various milestones, unlocking exclusive rewards such as avatar frames and special achievements​​.

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Upcoming Events and Competitions

In the upcoming Version 2.8 Update, players can look forward to the “Tournament of Wonder,” an in-game event where creators showcase their thematic maps. The top creators will compete for a cash prize pool of $50,000, with additional rewards for thousands of participants​​.

Moreover, the Ptopia Design Project continues to thrive, receiving hundreds of thousands of submissions and incorporating player-designed items into the game. PUBG Mobile is also preparing for the launch of its 5th Global Design Competition and the first esports co-design competition​​.

Community and Support

PUBG Mobile is fostering a vibrant community through its “Coaching of Wonders” Discord platform. This community allows experienced creators to mentor newcomers, sharing insights and fostering collaborative growth. The platform aims to integrate into the game, enhancing communication and support for creators of all skill levels​.