PlayStation’s New Challenge: Embrace the Sneak Mode

Embrace the Sneak Mode
Embrace the Sneak Mode (Image via: @PlayStation X Handle)

On May 31, 2024, PlayStation announced an exciting new challenge for its community. Starting next week, gamers are invited to share their best “sneak mode” moments using the hashtags #PSshare and #PSBlog. This initiative encourages players to capture and showcase moments where characters are hidden within their favorite games.

Participate and Get Featured

PlayStation regularly holds these “Share of the Week” events, where players submit their themed gaming screenshots or videos. Past themes have included “Best Friends,” “Little Nightmares II,” and “Robots.” These events foster community engagement and allow players to see their content featured on PlayStation’s official channels.

How to Join

To participate in the upcoming “sneak mode” challenge, players should:

  1. Capture a screenshot or video of a character hiding in a game.
  2. Share it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #PSshare and #PSBlog.
  3. Submit entries before the deadline, which typically falls at the end of the week.

Previous Highlights

In the past, PlayStation has featured various themes such as:

  • Best Friends: Gamers shared moments of camaraderie from games like “Ratchet & Clank” and “Final Fantasy XVI.”
  • Little Nightmares II: Players showcased spooky and suspenseful scenes, highlighting the eerie atmosphere and intense hide-and-seek gameplay.
  • Robots: This theme brought out creative captures from games featuring robotic characters, emphasizing the diverse storytelling in the gaming world.

Engaging the Community

These weekly themes not only engage the PlayStation community but also highlight the creativity and diversity of its players. By participating, players can gain recognition and connect with others who share their gaming passions. PlayStation’s blog and social media channels often showcase the best entries, providing inspiration and a sense of community.

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Why Participate?

Getting featured in PlayStation’s Share of the Week is an exciting opportunity. It allows players to show off their skills, creativity, and favorite gaming moments. It also brings the community together, creating a shared space where gamers can appreciate each other’s work.