PUBG Mobile Bans Over 534,000 Accounts and Nearly 20,000 Devices in Latest Crackdown

PUBG Mobile Bans Over 534,000 Accounts and Nearly 20,000 Devices in Latest Crackdown
PUBG Mobile Bans Over 534,000 Accounts and Nearly 20,000 Devices in Latest Crackdown (Image via: @PUBGMOBILE X Handle)

PUBG Mobile has made a significant move against cheating in the game. Between May 31 and June 6, 2024, the popular mobile game permanently banned 534,570 accounts and 19,380 devices. The developers also removed 721 online cheat advertisements, which had a combined following of 711,010 followers and views.

Cheating has been a persistent issue in PUBG Mobile, and the developers are determined to maintain fair gameplay. These actions are part of their ongoing efforts to combat cheating, which include regular “Ban Pan” waves. In these waves, accounts found using cheats such as modification of character models, speed hacks, and other unfair advantages are permanently suspended.

Recent Ban Wave Details

The bans were implemented after rigorous monitoring and reporting of suspicious activities by players. PUBG Mobile’s anti-cheat team actively tracks and reviews reports, leading to significant account suspensions and device bans. The device bans are particularly effective as they prevent the same cheaters from creating new accounts using the same device, ensuring a more permanent solution to the problem.

Types of Cheats and Hacks Targeted

The recent ban wave targeted several common types of cheats:

  • Modification of Character Models: This cheat alters the appearance of characters in ways that can provide unfair advantages.
  • Speed Hacks: These allow players to move faster than normal, making it difficult for other players to compete.
  • Area Damage Modification: This cheat increases the damage dealt in specific areas, giving cheaters an upper hand in battles.

Impact on High-Ranked Players

Interestingly, a large percentage of the banned accounts were from high-ranked players. In previous ban waves, significant numbers of Diamond, Crown, and Ace rank players were caught cheating. This shows that cheating is prevalent even at the highest levels of competitive play.

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Ongoing Efforts to Combat Cheating

PUBG Mobile’s developers are committed to maintaining a fair gaming environment. They have a dedicated anti-cheat division that continuously monitors gameplay and responds to reports from the community. These measures are crucial in ensuring that all players have a fair chance to compete and enjoy the game without unfair disadvantages caused by cheaters.

In addition to banning accounts and devices, PUBG Mobile also works to remove advertisements for cheats. During the same period, they successfully took down 721 online ads promoting cheats and hacks, which had a substantial reach with over 711,000 followers and views.

Community Support and Reporting

The PUBG Mobile community plays a vital role in these efforts. Players are encouraged to report any suspicious activities they encounter in the game. The developers review these reports and take action to ensure that cheaters are swiftly dealt with. This collaborative approach helps maintain the integrity of the game and fosters a positive gaming experience for all players.