Shakes and Fidget codes (July 2024)

Shakes and Fidget codes
Shakes and Fidget codes (Image via Playa Games)

Shakes and Fidget, a popular MMORPG, offers players unique codes to redeem exciting in-game rewards. On July 2, 2024, new codes were released to enhance the gaming experience with valuable items like mushrooms, lucky coins, and hourglasses.

All Active Codes

Here are the latest codes you can use in Shakes and Fidget for July 2024:

  • INTFRUITDAY: Redeem for rewards (New)
  • IDIOTA-D9SL: Redeem for rewards
  • RUDI361-TS2K: Redeem for rewards
  • EZEKIAH-T97J: Redeem for rewards
  • PROTEX-H23G: Redeem for rewards
  • RAIDBOSSNUNU-SDP1: Redeem for rewards
  • N3UTR4L-B29L: Redeem for rewards
  • RAJMOND-Y57N: Redeem for rewards
  • DOMCAOFFICIAL-KMCQ: Redeem for 25 Mushrooms, 125 Lucky Coins, and 1 Epic Item
  • CHAZE-BM28: Redeem for 25 Shrooms, 125 Lucky Coins, and 1 Epic Item (New)
  • ZSOMBEY-B5R6: Redeem for rewards
  • PROTEX-EU12: Redeem for rewards
  • RUDI361-EU12: Redeem for rewards
  • ZSOMBEY-EU12: Redeem for rewards
  • CHAZE-EU12: Redeem for rewards
  • DOMCAOFFICIAL-EU12: Redeem for rewards
  • RAIDBOSSNUNU-EU12: Redeem for rewards
  • RUDI361-X3DR: Redeem for rewards
  • RAIDBOSSNUNU-DKUT: Redeem for rewards
  • HELNORMANDY-D61A: Redeem for rewards
  • RAIDBOSSNUN-DKUT: Redeem for rewards
  • N3UTR4L-OVMZ: Redeem for rewards
  • IDIOTA-PKBQ: Redeem for rewards
  • DOMCAOFFICIAL-EQ7T: Redeem for rewards
  • CHAZE-CTMN: Redeem for rewards
  • PROTEX-4FN9: Redeem for rewards
  • ZSOMBEY-8FPJ: Redeem for rewards
  • LABORDAY2024: Redeem for rewards
  • N3UTR4L-EU11: Redeem for rewards
  • RAIDBOSSNUNU-EU11: Redeem for rewards
  • WAVES-EU11: Redeem for rewards
  • CHAZE-EU11: Redeem for rewards
  • RUDI361-EU11: Redeem for rewards
  • ZSOMBEY-EU11: Redeem for rewards
  • DOMCAOFFICIAL-EU11: Redeem for rewards
  • RAJMOND-EU11: Redeem for rewards
  • HELNORMANDY-EU11: Redeem for rewards
  • PROTEX-EU11: Redeem for rewards
  • IDIOTA-EU11: Redeem for rewards
  • FUSION22: Redeem for rewards (only works on old fusion servers)
  • DISCORDANNIVERSARY5: Redeem for 50 Lucky Coins, 5 Mushrooms, and 50 Quicksand Hourglasses

These codes can be used to get various rewards like mushrooms, coins, hourglasses, and other valuable in-game items. Make sure to redeem these codes quickly as they may expire soon​​.

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How to Redeem Codes in Shakes and Fidget

Redeeming codes in Shakes and Fidget is simple and can be done in a few easy steps:

  1. Open the Game: Start by launching Shakes and Fidget on your device.
  2. Access the Menu: Click on the menu button located in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  3. Navigate to Cash Coupon: Scroll down and click on the “Cash Coupon” button.
  4. Enter the Code: Type the code exactly as provided, including the correct case for letters.
  5. Redeem the Code: Click the “Give Me the Bonus” button to claim your rewards.

By following these steps, you can easily enhance your gameplay with the rewards from the codes​​.

Benefits of Redeeming Codes

Redeeming codes in Shakes and Fidget provides several benefits. The rewards can help players progress faster in the game by providing resources like mushrooms, which are essential for various in-game activities. Lucky coins and hourglasses can also be used to speed up progress and obtain better gear and items.

Additional Tips

  • Check for New Codes Regularly: Codes are updated frequently, so it’s a good idea to check for new codes often. Websites like UCNGame and GGRecon regularly update their lists of active codes.
  • Follow Game Updates: Stay updated with the game’s social media channels and official forums for announcements on new codes and events.
  • Join Communities: Joining Shakes and Fidget communities can help you stay informed about new codes and tips from other players​.

Shakes and Fidget codes are a fantastic way to get ahead in the game. By redeeming these codes, players can access a variety of rewards that can enhance their gaming experience. Make sure to use the latest codes and keep an eye out for new ones to maximize your benefits in the game.

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