All Star Tower Defense Codes for June 2024

All Star Tower Defense Codes
All Star Tower Defense Codes (Image via: Top Down Games)

All Star Tower Defense is a popular Roblox game. It combines tower defense gameplay with anime characters. Players use different units to defend against waves of enemies. Using codes in this game can give you free rewards like gems, gold, and other items. These rewards help you improve your game quickly. Here are the latest working codes for All Star Tower Defense as of May 31, 2024.

What Are All Star Tower Defense Codes?

All Star Tower Defense codes are special codes that players can use to get free in-game items. The game’s developers release these codes during special events, game updates, or when they reach certain milestones like a specific number of likes or follows on social media.

How to Redeem Codes

Redeeming codes in All Star Tower Defense is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the game.
  2. Click on the gear icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. A new window will pop up. Enter the code in the text box.
  4. Click on “Enter” to redeem your reward.

Current Working Codes

Here are the current working codes for All Star Tower Defense:

  • newupdcode3 – Redeem for 150 Gems
  • astdrocks – Redeem for 250 Gems and 300 Gold
  • 4thofjuly2024 – Redeem for 400 Gems

These codes are time-sensitive, so make sure to redeem them as soon as possible. The developers can expire codes at any time without notice.

Expired Codes

Sometimes codes stop working after a certain period. Here are some recently expired codes:

  • updateholidays – Expired on May 15, 2024
  • gemsforthewin – Expired on April 30, 2024
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If you try to redeem these codes now, they will not work.

How to Find More Codes

To get the latest codes, you can:

  1. Follow the game’s official social media accounts.
  2. Join the game’s Discord server.
  3. Check gaming websites and forums for updates.

Developers usually announce new codes during updates, events, or milestones.

Tips for Playing All Star Tower Defense

Using codes is just one way to get ahead in All Star Tower Defense. Here are some tips to help you play better:

  1. Upgrade Your Units: Always upgrade your units to make them stronger. This helps you defeat tougher enemies.
  2. Use Different Units: Use a variety of units to handle different types of enemies. Some units are better against specific enemies.
  3. Plan Your Defense: Place your units strategically. Think about where to put them to cover the most ground and protect your base.
  4. Join a Group: Playing with friends or joining a group can make the game more enjoyable. You can share tips and strategies.