Author: Catherine Holt

How does Pinterest work

How Does Pinterest Work In Blogging?

Whether or not you use it, it is likely you will have heard about Pinterest.  The question may be on your lips, “How does Pinterest work for me and my blog?”.  If Pinterest is not something that is currently on your radar, now may be just the time to change that.

Pinterest can provide you with a whole new surge of traffic if you use it well.  The platform is increasing in popularity at a great pace and you are short changing yourself from a lot of readers by failing to use it. 

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WP Dashboard Login

How To Secure Your WordPress Site

If you run your own website you will know just how important it is to know that it is safe and secure.  I think it is safe to say that most website owners and bloggers fear being hacked and potentially losing everything that they have worked to build up.

Thankfully, there are many security measures that you can incorporate into your site to make things a lot more secure.  Many people choose to install some sort of security WordPress plugin, and whilst they can be beneficial, making some simple backend changes can make a big difference.  In this post I want to talk about one of those methods that you can setup yourself.

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Blogging Tools

Top 10 Blogging Tools For Starting A Blog

When taking your first steps starting a blog there is a lot of information to take in.  It can be a little overwhelming if you are totally new to the whole “blogging scene”, yet there are a lot of useful blogging tools for you to use to make your life easier.

In this post I thought I’d put together a list of 10 of the most useful blogging tools that I use that I couldn’t do without.  There are certainly plenty of other great tools that I use regularly, but these ten, in my mind anyway, are fundamentally important.

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Blogging Tips From Don Purdum From Unveil The Web

Please welcome Don Purdum from Unveil The Web today on the blog.  Don is one of those bloggers who just loves to connect, and you will find him commenting everywhere!  Not only does he provide awesome advice on his site, but he practices what he preaches.  

Don has a huge passion for helping other bloggers reach their potential and this is evident in his blog posts, his comments and of course the services that he offers.

I am thrilled that Don is sharing his vast experience with us today.  Please enjoy, and connect at the end of the post.

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How To Use Hashtags

How To Use Hashtags To Promote Yourself On Social Media

Hashtags can be your best friends or worst enemies on social media websites. You may attract or repel targeted visitors depending on your understanding of how you use hashtags.

Don’t overdo it.

Treat hashtags as if you were cooking fish. Overcooking fish creates a poor-tasting, dried-out dish and undercooking fish creates a raw dish which will likely make you violently ill.

Overusing hashtags repels targeted visitors, creating a poor-tasting, worn-out social media stream and under using hashtags simply makes your social media stream and blog quite ill since you’re rarely if ever attract targeted visitors who would readily read your blog and buy your product or service.

Don’t overdo it. Use hashtags intelligently to draw in targeted readers through social media websites.

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