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Content Marketing

Content Marketing: Can It Make Money?

Content Marketing is simply the marketing formula that involves the creation and sharing of information to customers.  The focus is not necessarily on selling, but rather providing high quality information and solutions to people.  So is content marketing part of blogging?  Absolutely it is!

Whether you started your blog as a way to share information or as a way of earning an income, the key focus of the blog is to…provide QUALITY CONTENT!!

However, even if you are blogging for pleasure, the thought of making some money from your blog is incredibly exciting and the ability to make money whilst you sleep (so to speak) is definitely possible when you have a successful blog.

Whilst making an income online sounds easy enough, it’s not something that everyone finds possible.  Many bloggers strive for an income via their blog, but not all succeed.  Many bloggers often give up on the idea quickly because it does not come as easy as they once thought.

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Business Blogging

Business Blogging: What Are The Benefits?

Business blogging is all about using the blogging platform to promote your business.  Maybe you have a business and you are not quite convinced how a blog can help you?  If you have read our post on why starting a blog is beneficial, you will already know that a blog will help increase your sales by having the ability to reach a wider audience than otherwise would be available to you.

Blogs are awesome for business as they have low overheads and they are easy to run.  That’s what everyone in business want’s to hear am I right?  Ok, so you have a business already, but that business is offline.  The question you are asking is how can business blogging benefit me?  

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