Monetise your Blog so your Writing Efforts Pay Off

Once you build a loyal following for your blog, the question that often comes up is, “how do I make money from it?” Monetising your blog can be a tricky proposition because you have to choose methods that will not turn off your current readership.

Should you advertise, try affiliate marketing, sell premium content or have a subscription membership for webinars or online classes? Evaluate your base readership and determine what they truly get from your blog and then try some monetisation tips that enhance the value your followers receive.

Subscription or Membership Options

For steady income, consider offering subscriptions or memberships for your premium content or other valuable intelligence products. You need a viable product or service that your readers would be willing to subscribe to or become a member of. Creating a specialty forum for like-minded individuals is an option. Many people are willing to spend a few bucks a month to correspond and share ideas with others. You may also offer special downloads or webinars. Make your information indispensable and people will pay.


What product can you sell that has virtually no overhead and is easy to produce? Create an ebook that people would be willing to purchase. This monetisation tip means that all the profit you make is yours. Do you have some blog posts that had high readership? You could pull them together and with a little re-formatting, develop an ebook from a collection of posts. Give a free sample download to entice readers to buy and make it really affordable.

Advertising is Still Viable

Some people do not care for advertising but it is still a viable way to monetise your blog. Banner ads and in-text ads can be a viable way to make some money as well as direct ad sales. If you have proven analytics that show you have a good following, you can actually contact companies directly to advertise on your blog site.

Affiliate Programs

Another way of monetising your blog is to try affiliate marketing. Are there some products or services that could be a natural complement to your overall blog’s theme? If so, look for affiliate programs that showcase these products and services.

Your readership will see the ads and likely click on the link. If they purchase something through the link, you will earn a commission. There are many other ways to monetise your blog. Sometimes, it takes some experimentation to find a good fit. Don’t expect to earn big bucks right away. It will take time and extra effort to promote your blog before you realise a decent income.


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