Make Money Blogging By Selling Products

A great way to make money blogging is to sell a product or a service.

Every blogger has something that they can sell, the trick is narrowing it down so that it is both suitable for your niche and worthy of cash generation.

Are you already selling something on your blog?

If not, is there something that you THINK you could sell?

The product that you sell needs to benefit your readers in some way.  If it’s of no benefit, then that is going to convert to little or no sales.

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Today we are going to start with some of the ways that you can sell a product or service on your blog.  First up though you need to determine what will benefit your readers.

What is a product of benefit?

A product of benefit is anything that your readers would be appreciative of.

If you are not sure what product to sell, think about the following;

  • What is it that your readers are wanting to find out from your site?
  • Have any comments been left that identifies areas that people are struggling with?  Can you find a solution for this?

Ideas could include;

  • An e-book or audio book
  • A course
  • A membership program

Make Money Blogging with Digital Products:

Digital products are fantastic, because once you have created the product, it’s done!  You can literally keep selling and selling the product for no further work.

You may of course want to undertake updates from time to time, but essentially the base of the product is finished, and it does not require a lot of time, effort or expense for upkeep.

Make Money Blogging Selling Digital ProductsDigital products save money on shipping costs, and the great thing is that the customers get to receive their product instantly.

In this day and age, who want’s to wait around for something once they have bought it.

People love to live in the here and now, and once money has changed hands, we love to see the product instantly in return.  Having to wait for postage is yesterday’s news!

Ebooks have become increasingly popular over hard copy books, and they are a lot lighter to carry around too!

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If you are thinking of writing an ebook, the next step may be to convert it to an audio book.  The content is already there, so for little effort, you have another product to sell.

Audio books are very popular in today’s busy schedule.  People may not have the time to sit down and read a book, but they do have the time to listen to an audio book whilst driving to work, or doing the washing up.

Think outside the square and of all the possibilities that your product could provide!

Marc Andre at Profit Blitz has a lot of experience in selling digital products and it is one of his favourite ways to make money blogging.  Marc is the first to agree that selling digital products is not an ‘easy get rich quick scheme’, but if you have the passion, then it’s certainly something you can turn into a successful income stream.

Offer a 100% money back guarantee

Most digital products you will see online today, will also have a 100% money back guarantee attached to them.  In fact, if there is not one available, people will be questioning why.

Reducing the risk for buyers eliminates an objection to purchasing the product.  It’s almost a ‘try before you buy’, knowing that you can obtain all your money back if the product did not meet the expectations.

Of course if you are finding that people are constantly asking for their money back, then you need to seriously look at the product you are providing!

Membership Sites

A membership site will allow for repeat income as users pay a monthly or yearly subscription.

Membership sites can be provided for literally anything.  Provided that the information is niche specific and you provide valuable content each month, you can charge people for that content.

Just remember that whatever your membership site provides, it needs to provide AWESOME value!

Content needs to be provided on a regular basis and it needs to exceed the price you are asking for it. You not only want to ensure that buyers are receiving value for money, but you need to go above and beyond to be 200% certain that they are receiving value for money.

Set your membership fee to be comparable to your competition.  Does the content you provide match up to the competition?   Be sure to set your pricing accordingly.

The product doesn’t have to be your product!

You may want to go ahead and write your own ebook or membership site, but this takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work.

Whilst membership site’s are great and very exciting, they do take a lot of upkeep.  If this is not something that you have the time for, it may not be the best way for you to make money blogging.

A great option for selling products if you do not already have your own, is to sell other people’s.  Affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s product whereby you receive commissions for each product sold.

Whilst it may not initially appear that much money could be made from someone else’s product, if you choose the RIGHT product for your site, you may be surprised at just how much income this could generate for you.

Don’t sell a product you don’t have faith in!

Whilst it may be tempting to sell a product purely for the dollar value, please don’t fall into this trap.

You will be far more successful if you sell a product that you actually believe in, whether this is your own or someone else’s.

If you don’t believe in the product then guess what… will find it really hard to convince other’s to do so!

If you do somehow manage to convince people into buying a substandard product, will you be able to sleep at night?

Obviously that is based on your own integrity and values, but if you have confidence in your product, then I personally believe you will have a higher success in selling it.

For instance, here at Blogging Tips 101 we openly promote and sell the Learn How To Blog Program.  This is a program that I have personally used and benefited from, so I have 100% faith and trust in the product.

If I didn’t know about the product, then I certainly wouldn’t be sharing it with you.

I know that the product provides awesome value and I know that the additional support goes above and beyond what other blogging programs provide.

The fact that I fully trust the product leaves me confident to be able to recommend it to others.   

Does a learn how to blog program fit in with the niche of blogging tips?  Absolutely!  It is the perfect product to sell for this blog’s market niche.

If you are interested in pursuing an online business, then I highly recommend you to be part of the program which will provide you with all the skills that you need.

All you need to do now is think about what YOU are going to sell on your blog!

Now It’s Your Turn:

Do you have a product that is successfully selling on your blog?

Are you having difficulties in narrowing down an appropriate product to sell?

Please share your thoughts with us below.


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Catherine Holt is the founder of Blogging Tips 101. She has been an internet marketer since 2012. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

20 Responses to “Make Money Blogging By Selling Products”

written by Marc On 31 July 2014 Reply

Thanks for the link and mention! Selling digital products is definitely one of my favorite monetization methods, so I’m glad to see you covering the topic here.

You mentioned that the products don’t have to be your own. I’d say about half of the products that I have sold (aside from promoting affiliate products) have been outsourced rather than created by me. This can be a little intimidating at first, but if you start slow you can see that there are plenty of opportunities here. As an example, my main site right now is in the photography industry. I’ve hired different freelancers to create several products that I sell on the site. I’m not a great designer so I hired designers to create different card templates that photographers can buy and print for their clients using their own photos.

In most cases I think it is best to get started by creating your own products and learn about how to sell successfully, and then you can start to leverage your time by outsourcing the creation of future products.

written by Catherine Holt On 31 July 2014 Reply

Your welcome Marc. You wrote a great post about digital products, which fitted in perfectly here :-)

It sounds like you are selling products really well on your photography site, and just goes to show that if you think smartly about the best way to source the income, you don’t have to be ‘the expert’ in all areas.

As you mentioned though, it is important to actually learn how to sell, otherwise it may be an uphill battle. Like everything, start small, learn the basics and then progress from there.

Thanks for sharing your thougths :-)

[…] Selling products and sevices is one of the best ways to make money blogging. Whether it's yours or an affiliate product, it must be of value to your niche.  […]

[…] Selling products and sevices is one of the best ways to make money blogging. Whether it's yours or an affiliate product, it must be of value to your niche.  […]

written by Mi Muba On 1 August 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine
Thanks for writing on one of my favorite topics.
It is widely said that there are two types of people in this world. Type 1 is of those who can sell easily and type 2 is of those who sell by hook or by crook. Type 1 is of professional sellers.
You well pointed if you don’t have trust in a product you should not sell it becuase you won’t have confidence to narrate its benefits to your customers.
Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post.

written by Catherine Holt On 1 August 2014 Reply

Ah, so glad I wrote about one of your favourite topics Mi. I’m glad you enjoyed the read.

I wouldn’t recommend people try and sell products they have no faith in. For one, how can you expect to sell a product that you know nothing about, and secondly, if the product is flawed, it is not going to help your reputation. If you want to sell products, build a brand and be respected then you have to be wise with the products you sell. Besides, it’s all good karma :-)

written by YourFriend On 1 August 2014 Reply

Thanks for writing such an Awesome Article.I loved these two things, offering 100% money back gurrantee and don’t sell products that you don’t have faith in.

These were certainly powerful tips especially for a beginner.It is not necessary that you create product just for the sake of selling. You can do it for building an email list.

For Example,
Give free ebook to the person who signs up for your email list.

written by Catherine Holt On 1 August 2014 Reply

Thanks YF. I’m glad you highlighted the fact about having the 100% money back guarantee and having faith in the product. For me, I feel that these are two crucial elements when selling a product. If you truly care for your readers, then you need to provide them with value, and that value will only come if you have faith in what you do. There is no point in trying to trick or deceive people, that’s absolutely not the way to tackle a business.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts :-)

written by Ryan Biddulph On 1 August 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

I’m so happy you mentioned Marc; he is a pro when it comes to making money through blogging. As noted, he is all about creating value. None of the scammy type get rich schemes over on his blog.

That’s the thing; Marc and others have seen tremendous, lasting success by being honest, truthful and transparent. They know creating value and persistent helps you to become valuable in the eyes of your target audience.

Building bonds with authority bloggers is biggie; I’d add that one. Pros and experts leverage your presence much more quickly than someone who tries to do it all by themselves. I’ve been on both sides of the fence and side with simply creating value, and promoting others aggressively, and to comment on their blogs, to build prospering friendships.

People buy from you or hire you if they trust you. For me, being a blogger and freelancer means I better do all I can to stand out, to create value, and to become trustworthy.

I do this through simply improving my skills and helping as many bloggers out as I can, through promoting them, commenting on their blogs and assisting in any other way, I possibly can.

Thanks Catherine, great post.

I will tweet in a bit.

See you on Triberr :)


written by Catherine Holt On 1 August 2014 Reply

Thanks Ryan.

The one thing that stands out over and over again is that to really be successful in making money online you HAVE to be honest and approachable. No-one wants to see those ‘get rich quick’ schemes and everyone finds them sleazy. Making money online should not be about robbing others of their hard earned cash, but rather providing a product that is going to help them in their life in some way.

I truly believe that being transparent will get you a lot further than trying to be someone you are not. The more that you build up connections, the more trust you will gain with people. It’s as simple as that.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and will definitely see you around Triberr :-)

written by Torsten Mueller On 1 August 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

I liked that you mentioned to only sell products you have faith in. There are too many people selling products just for the sake of the money, without checking if this particular product will help their audience to solve their problems.

Personally I recommend only products I have tried and tested, so that I know what to expect and if they can keep the promises.

You could either buy the product or get in touch with the product owner and ask for a review copy. Either way will give you the chance to use the product yourself and see if it can be of value for your readers.

Have an amazing weekend ahead,

written by Catherine Holt On 1 August 2014 Reply

If you havn’t already used the product, asking for a review copy is a great idea. You can also write a post on it which gives free advertising for them really. It should be a win win for everyone!

I think it is really important to be aware of the products you are selling. I personally wouldn’t want to sell a big ticket item to someone that I had no idea about. It’s not exactly false advertising, but not something that I sit comfortable with.

Thanks for stopping by Torsten and sharing your thoughts :-)

written by harish On 2 August 2014 Reply

hi Catherine Holt
every blogger struggles hard to to earn money by promoting their blogs.your article regarding making of money by selling digital products online is very nice.that was a great idea,with some more efforts to our work we can earn more money by blogging.thank you for your post.that will helps a new blogger like me a lot.

written by Catherine Holt On 2 August 2014 Reply

Thanks Harish.

Digital products is certainly a great way of making money online. Provided of course you have the material to create the product with and the time and the effort to undertake the product. However once it’s completed it’s a great way to make a recurring income with little ongoing fees and time.

Like anything, making money online is going to take time and is not something that bloggers can be successful in overnight. The results can be there for those that are willing to put in the time and the effort.

Glad you found this useful, and thanks for sharing your thoughts :-)

written by Virtuo Rohit On 3 August 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

Making in Online Income is what we all want. We all want to do all the works from the comfort of our home.

But it ain’t as it sounds there are a lot of hurdles in between. BTW Glad to see you sharing your views on making money blogging. Yeah, Selling products is a great and quick way (If done wisely) to generate money.

And You pointed out some really great points. I totally agree One should never promote a product if its not well known and unless you are 100 percent sure about it.

Thanks for Sharing the Article! ;)

- Rohit

written by Catherine Holt On 3 August 2014 Reply

The idea of working from home and making an online income is wonderful, but the reality is that it is not all that easy. There are definitely ways to make money and having a product is one of those ways that can be beneficial for many bloggers. Knowing the product is such an advantage as it will definitely help you sell it. If you are not sure what the product does it will be difficult to sell to others.

Thanks for leaving your comment Virtuo :-)

written by Anna Smith On 6 August 2014 Reply

Making money by selling products on Internet it’s not easiest task because you need to know everything about that subject. Most of peoples are thinking that just seat on chair and write something and fill your pocket with money.

But they do not understand that bloggers are researching on that topics and giving lots of information in the easy words. Thanks for writing good topic and good points also.

written by Catherine Holt On 6 August 2014 Reply

Your right Ann, it’s not an easy task. If you don’t have enough knowledge to undertake your own product, then it’s a good idea to start by selling affiliate products. This can teach so much along the way, and then when the time is right you can build your own products to sell.

Of course, there is no point in trying to sell products unless you have targeted traffic coming to your site, so it pays to spend time building your profile and developing your networks first.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us :-)

written by Steven J Wilson On 14 August 2014 Reply

Hey Catherine,

I am just getting to the point where I am going to monetize my blog. I am not sure 100% which direction I am going to take but these tips do not help me make a decision at all :)

I am really interested in membership sites. Nothing like residual income. I will create a product and share it through a membership site in the not to far future. I think as long as you build up your brand and create a product that is in need and can help plenty, a membership site is a great option.

I enjoyed this Catherine. Take care…

written by Catherine Holt On 14 August 2014 Reply

Well I’m glad that this post has been as clear as mud for you Steven….lol. Seriously tho, it is a good idea to think about what strategy you take before you dive in, as that way you will be setting off on the right foot. It sounds like you are giving the decision a lot of thought which is great.

I’m sure whatever route you decide to go down, you will be very successful with it. I think a membership site sounds great for your blog!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us :-)

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