How To Write Keyword Optimized Blog Post Titles

Blogging requires you to be knowledgeable about a whole spectrum of different subjects in order to be successful.  You need to know all about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social media marketing, article structure, WordPress, web design, affiliate marketing, etc. as well as the actual subject that you are blogging about.

You don’t need to be an “expert” at all of these things, but it helps to know a little about everything in order to grow your site.

Someone recently asked me – “Of all the things bloggers need to learn about, what would you say is THE most important?”

That is a very good question, one in which I think many new (and existing) bloggers think about themselves.

How To Write Keyword Optimized Blog Post Titles

Personally, there is only one answer – SEO.

I have said countless times here on this website that SEO is incredibly important to learn about.  By understanding how the search engines work and present information to people, you can get more traffic by simply crafting your posts in a smarter way.

Now, SEO is in itself is a pretty large subject to talk about (one that I talk about in more depth here), so, again, if I had to pick just one area to focus on it would be blog post titles and how to properly optimise them.

Why Blog Post Titles?

Bloggers put a lot of effort into what they write about on a consistent basis.  That said, all that effort can go to waste if they don’t have a good blog post title.

Your post title is by far the most important aspect of each individual post as that is what people click on to read.

Take a moment to think about all the different places that people see your blog post title.  They will see it;

  • On your blog page next to a short description of your post,
  • In your sidebar (relevant posts),
  • Beneath other articles (relevant posts),
  • On your newsletter,
  • On the search engines,
  • On social media when sharing your content (Tweet, G+, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • …and so on.

Why Are Blog Post Titles So Important?

Your blog post title needs to convey 4 key pieces of information;

  1. Be relatively short,
  2. Make sense,
  3. Entice people to click and read more,
  4. Include relevant keywords/keyphrases that you want the post to rank for.

Writing a good blog post title is a lot harder than you may think as it is not always as easy to tick off all of these 4 points.

You should however always strive to do so as it can make a huge difference to the amount of traffic you can get.

The first place to start should always be to look at which keywords/keyphrases that you want the post to rank for.

You should have done this with the post itself anyway (try to get into the habit of doing that if you don’t already), in which case you have a good idea which specific words/phrases you want to include in your title.

How To Write Keyword Optimized Blog Post Titles

In order to do this properly we will need to take a look at the incredibly useful ‘Google Keyword Planner’ tool.

I have actually written a more in-depth guide to using this tool, so feel free to check out my ‘Getting Started With Google Keyword Planner’guide when you have finished reading this.

Often, many bloggers make the mistake of only using one keyword/keyphrase for each of their posts.  There is little to no chance of ranking for only one word/phrase per post, which is why it is good to use a handful (where possible).

You also want, when you can, to use keywords/phrases together to form, what I like to call, “super keyphrases”.  Let’s take a look at a couple of examples;

Example 1

Let’s say that I wanted to write a post about gardening, or to be more specific, a post about growing your own vegetables.

From doing some research using the keyword planner tool I can see that the words/phrases that are most relevant would be; growing your own food, grow your own vegetables, grow your own (veg name), how to grow, tips to grow, gardening tips, etc.

I could therefore use a title as follows that includes 2 of the keyphrases that I have found;

5 Tips To Grow Your Own Vegetables

5 Tips To Grow

5 Tips To Grow Your Own Vegetables

Example 2

Let’s take it a step further and try to include another.

Remember though, it needs to still make sense to the reader.  Let’s also try to be a bit more specific by focusing on one particular vegetable.

Top 10 Gardening Tips To Grow Your Own Tomatoes

Top 10 Gardening Tips

Top 10 Gardening Tips To Grow

Top 10 Gardening Tips To Grow Your Own Tomatoes

The two examples above still make perfect sense to the browsing reader, they don’t appear “spammy” by stuffing in keywords so that it doesn’t make sense and, more importantly, they have the chance to rank for multiple web searches.

This method can’t (unfortunately) guarantee good rankings for every post you publish, but I find that it certainly helps.

This is what I try to do with my posts and it seems to work on the whole.  Some are more successful that others, but that tends to be more down to Google.

Of course, you still need to make sure you use your chosen keywords and keyphrases throughout your actual post (subtitles, tags, meta descriptions, ALT tags, etc.).

The point is that you can include a lot more in a natural looking way that you might have thought.

So next time you come to write your blog post title, take a few minutes to think about what words/phrases you want to rank for and see if you can fit in some additional ones into the title itself.

Your Turn:

How do you come up with your blog post titles? 

Do you optimize yours?  We want to hear from you so please leave us a comment below.


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Catherine Holt is the founder of Blogging Tips 101. She has been an internet marketer since 2012. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

23 Responses to “How To Write Keyword Optimized Blog Post Titles”

written by Jennifer Abel On 12 February 2015 Reply

Catherine, nice post, I will often write my post then select the most appropriate title. Thank you for sharing on #wednesdayswisdom, it is good to see some blogging tips linked.

written by Catherine Holt On 13 February 2015 Reply

It’s a great idea to write the article first and then the title afterwards. The title will then be more relevant to the content!

Thanks. I thought I would start joining link up’s from this blog. Glad you like it…it means I will be back :-)

written by Mi Muba On 13 February 2015 Reply

Hi Catherine

Very important topic as nowadays people focus more on quality of contents and on crafting a killer headline but while doing so they forget the fact that their contents are also for search engines that bring huge traffic to their blog.

You well explained the topic with a step by step example by putting even two main keyword phrases into a title that enhances its search engine readability quite a lot.

I think in this age of stiff competition we can’t afford to neglect either people or search engine. It is must to create a post equally good for both. For this first of all one needs to write a keyword-optimized post title.

Thanks a lot for sharing.

Have a nice weekend ahead.

written by Catherine Holt On 13 February 2015 Reply

Your right Mi, all posts need to be written BOTH for the readers and the search engines. By targeting just one area you are seriously missing out. It can be tricky to do, but practice makes perfect so they say!

We should always focus on quality content, but ensuring that the title not only grabs readers attention, but is also well optimized will set your post up for better success.

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts here :-)

written by umapathy On 13 February 2015 Reply

Hi Catherine,

Title of the post should be relevant to the content of the post. You have explained it clearly with examples.

written by Catherine Holt On 13 February 2015 Reply

Thanks. It is definitely worthwhile taking a step back and giving thought to the title. Failing to give it the attention that it deserves will only lead to a dis-service of the content that you have worked hard to create.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

written by vino On 17 February 2015 Reply


Nice post about writing keyword optimized blog post title.THough we get direct traffic and more referral traffic for our blog one main source we should not miss is the traffic through search engines. We need long term traffic for our golden pieces of articles ans this will be achieved by doing perfect optimization of our pages. Having keyword optimized blog title is vital for search engine traffic

written by Catherine Holt On 17 February 2015 Reply

Absolutely Vino. Failing to take into consideration traffic from the search engines, means that you are missing out on a huge chunk of traffic. We need to ensure that our pages are always written for the ‘readers’, but able to be detected by the search engines. SEO is therefore crucial in undertaking this, and optimizing the blog titles goes a long way to assisting this.

I appreciate you sharing your ideas here :-)

[…] “Bloggers put in a lot of effort on a consistent basis. That said, all that effort can go to waste if they don’t have a good blog post titles.”  […]

written by Corinne On 20 February 2015 Reply

I’m embarrassed to admit that I do NO keyword research when I come up with blog topics or titles. This is great advice! Thank you for linking it up to the This Is How We Roll Thursday party. I hope it helps several other bloggers.

written by Catherine Holt On 20 February 2015 Reply

No need to be embarrassed Corinne, but it might be something to start thinking about! Try some gentle keyword research first…this post may help you.

You wont necessarily need to change the topics that you write about, but what it will mean is that your posts are going to be more optimized for the search engines and bring you that free traffic! Optimizing your posts and then your titles, will greatly benefit the life of your blog.

Good luck with it and shout out if you need any help :-)

written by Adoring Family On 20 February 2015 Reply

I am new to the blog world and I am so thankful for information like this!

written by Catherine Holt On 20 February 2015 Reply

Ah wonderful, that’s great to hear. There is always a lot to learn with blogging, so take one step at a time…you will get there!

It is certainly a good idea to start learning how to optimize the posts you write. This will all help you to build your library, and bring you that loved free traffic :-)

written by Marianne On 20 February 2015 Reply

Thanks for the post. As a newbie blogger, SEO is something I prefer to ignore as it just seems hard to get my head around. But I know it’s important and your post makes it seems a little less daunting. Will be working on that in the future! Thank you!


written by Catherine Holt On 20 February 2015 Reply

You are not alone in that Marianne. SEO can feel like a huge minefield, but if you break it down and start small, then it really can be a manageable task for all bloggers. Plus, once you start seeing the results from your increased traffic you won’t look back!

If SEO is a new thing, then you want to fist focus on optimizing your posts and finishing by optimizing the title. You may find these couple of posts useful to help get you started.

The main thing is not to place too much pressure or expectation on yourself and take it slow. Implement one new thing at a time until you find your posts are fully optimized. Then the more you do it, the easier it will become.

Good luck wiht it!

written by Marianne On 20 February 2015 Reply

Thanks! I will check out those links and try taking it just one step at a time. :)

written by Catherine Holt On 20 February 2015 Reply

Absolutely the way to go Marianne. Don’t overwhelm yourself and keep it simple. You will then start noticing the benefits :-)

written by Atish Ranjan On 20 February 2015 Reply

Blog post titles are important because they put the most impact on search engines while ranking + Titles are being read at first glance everywhere either in SERP or social media thus it needs to be very well optimized as well as attractively written.

Title should never cross the limit of 60-65 characters as Google trims the extras and don’t show in SERP + Writing the main keywords in the beginning of title has very good impact.

Good Topic Catherine.

written by Catherine Holt On 20 February 2015 Reply

All great points Atish. I think a lot of bloggers underestimate the importance of blog titles and by doing so they are risking loosing potential traffic from Google. We should give just as much attention to our titles as we do the content of our post, and it should never be something we simple ‘slap’ on at the end.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here today :-)

written by Sharon - Her Organized Chaos On 10 March 2015 Reply

Great tips! I am going to have to refer back to this with future posts. Its always good to get tips from other bloggers and kind of refresh what I am doing. So thank you!

Her Organized Chaos

written by Catherine Holt On 10 March 2015 Reply

Great to hear that it could be of help Sharon.

It’s always worth brushing up on techniques even if you know what your doing :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

written by Shawn Joes On 18 April 2015 Reply

Hi Catherine,

Thanks a lot for sharing your insights on writing an SEO friendly content through your impressive and very useful tips.

After reading the entire post i realized that there are so many things that i need to change in my blogging method.

written by Catherine Holt On 3 June 2015 Reply

Work on one thing at a time and you will see the results in the end. It can feel like there is a lot to learn, and this can certainly be overwhelming. The best thing to do is to take your time, and implement one new thing at a time. Then reflect on the results and see what is working and what is not.

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