5 Link Building Strategies

You may have heard about link building strategies and how important they are, but do you understand what it means?  Unless you have a grasp of what this is, what it does and how it can benefit you, it is going to be difficult to put it into action.

If link building strategies are undertaken on a consistent basis, you will increase your online presence which will ultimately start bringing in more traffic from search results and other sources.

Link building strategies

So why should we work towards link building?

There are several reasons why you should work on your link building strategies.  When people read content and see a link, it tells them that there is something else worth checking out.  If the link is embedded and is of interest to the reader, that reader may click on the link and visit your blog.  Any new visitor has the potential to become a subscriber, customer, guest poster etc etc.

Search engines like to see link building strategies taking place.  If your blog has links coming to it from other sources, the search engines set about assessing the relationship between the links, which can help the search engines determine your site’s relevancy and topic.

Keyword anchors can help your blog rank for certain keywords which is a great way to optimise for specific keywords.  If you have a link which is from a popular and highly regarded website, this could help to boost your reputation and ultimately the traffic you receive.

So you are probably wondering now how you go about these link building strategies?  There are many ways, but for the purpose of this post we will concentrate on 5 simple strategies that will help get you started.

5 Link Building Strategies

1. Blog Commenting

We have mentioned before how important blog commenting is.  Not only does it help to build a relationship with readers, but visiting and commenting on other blogs in your niche will help provide those links back to your site.  We have also spoken about spam comments, and it is therefore essential that when you visit another site, you leave a meaningful and useful comment.  If you leave anything that looks like spam, the chances are it wont get published, and this will do little to increase your reputation.  Write comments that aid in the conversation and be sure to fill in the URL field instead of dropping links into your comments.

2. Interlinking

The purpose of writing a blog is to provide lots of content to people right? Well, have you thought about actually linking those posts together?  Linking your posts gives readers the opportunity to hop around the blog easily, by tapping on links that are of interest to them.  For example, if you were writing about SEO or plugins, you would link those words to appropriate posts you have already written.  Did you notice how I had linked them?

It is also a good idea to steer the content that you are writing to be able to cover topics already written.  This makes sense for a reader and provides natural interlinking.

3. Press releases

Maybe you have some big news to tell?  A press release is a great way of doing this.  Press releases can contain links to your website which may even then become syndicated on other websites.  This will all help to bring you extra links and traffic.  Some options are free and others you have to pay for, so do a bit of research before you start.  It is suggested that you just focus on one link per press release to avoid looking spammy.

4. Guest posting

When you build relationships with readers and other bloggers, you will find that the opportunity of guest posting presents itself.  Have you considered writing for someone else’s blog?  There are many benefits of guest posting, and one of the great benefits is that the owner is letting you post on their site for free!  Of course the blog owner is getting content to publish and in exchange you would normally have 1-2 links pointing back to your site.

Any links in guest posts are potential new visitors, so guest posting is always worth considering.  If you approach anyone about guest posting, make sure that you have something valuable to offer the owner’s readers, otherwise it is not likely your submission will be accepted. Many sites have rules stipulated on the site, so check this out as a first point of call.

5. Social media

In the most simplest form, you should be adding a link to your Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc profiles.  Anyone who follows you on these social media sites can then easily find your blog site.  Failing to do this is missing out on some great opportunity.

The more you build your social profiles, the greater visability you will receive and readers will also start sharing your content.  Once your content starts getting shared it means that your links are going to be seen by a wider audience.

Link Building Strategies

This literally touches on the surface of link building strategies, but it will definitely give you a place to start….and we all have to start somewhere!  Once you have mastered these strategies, then you can focus on more advanced ones…but learn to walk before you can run and you will stay in the game longer!  Spend some time concentrating on your link building strategies and watch what happens to your traffic levels.  I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

What are you favourite link building strategies?  Please share them with us below!



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Catherine Holt is the founder of Blogging Tips 101. She has been an internet marketer since 2012. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

4 Responses to “5 Link Building Strategies”

written by Richard On 23 January 2014 Reply

Great post Catherine I can really start to see how all of this is linked and these are all areas I just hadn’t thought about previously.

written by Catherine Holt On 23 January 2014 Reply

Once you start blogging more Richard you will soon get the hang of it. Start off small with these tips and I’m sure you will soon notice a difference :-)

written by Kharim Tomlinson On 30 January 2014 Reply

Awesome blog post.

These are all great ways to build links for your blog. I love blog commenting and guest posting. Those 2 ways always works for me.

I also love interlinking my posts.

Thanks for the reminders.

written by Catherine Holt On 30 January 2014 Reply

Thanks Kharim, and you have shown your love of blog commenting here too :-) It’s always good to sometimes re-focus on the basics and make sure we are staying on track. Thanks for your comment :-)

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