5 Tips to Become a Blogging Networking Machine

Outreach makes or breaks your blogging campaign.

Your content may be fabulous. Your blog’s layout might be visually captivating.

If nobody is around to read your blog you should just write a diary.

Smart bloggers know that people are the #1 blogging currency. Namely, people who’re highly interested in the content you have to offer.

How do you reach these people? By becoming a blogging networking machine.

You’ve probably heard basic blogging networking tips before: connect with people, make friends with those in high places, etc. All of this helps your networking.

Today I’ll share a few specific, practical tips that will help you make an impact.

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Benefits of Being a Networking Machine

  • Boost your blog traffic
  • Increase your blog income
  • Improve brand awareness

Reaching out to authority bloggers expands your presence quickly. Network, add value, promote pros and reach out into exciting new audiences each day by following these tips.

1. Make Blogger Outreach Your Number One Task

Before you write your next post meet 5 to 10 authority bloggers. Exposing yourself and your brand to pro bloggers multiplies opportunities for you.

Meet new bloggers to learn from the best.  Gain support and inspiration from the professionals.

The quality and depth of your content will improve quickly if you surround yourself with successful bloggers.

2. Promote Pro Bloggers Freely

Promoting other bloggers makes you pop up on their radar. Think through the golden rule of life; give whatever you want. Market pro bloggers and a few of those pros will market you in return.

This is not a 1 for 1 deal; the “I help you only if you help me” approach is selfish and eventually leads to your blogging demise.

Promote bloggers freely. Cut strings. Allow the golden rule to work its magic for you.

3. Be Persistent

Network like a boss. Aggressively reach out to your network daily. “Out of sight, out of mind” is the mantra chanted by most authority bloggers whom you intend to reach. Persistent bloggers appear to be in 100 places at once because these people show up daily.

Most bloggers network aggressively once or twice a week, if that. The daily networking crowd makes an impact that less frequent networkers couldn’t possibly duplicate.

4. Comment like a Pro

Comment like a champion. Post thorough comments only on relevant, authority blogs. Impress intelligent, successful bloggers and their readerships to become a blogging networking machine.

Commenting is a free, simple way to pop up on the radar of successful pro bloggers. By sharing your thoughts in a mindful manner you can impress top shelf bloggers who can expand your reach quickly.

Think of how influencers reached the top; the blogging pros of the world impressed other blogging pros to move up in circles. Make commenting a prime vehicle through which you can reach the crème de la crème of the blogging world.

5. Scarf Down Guest Post Requests

Eat up guest post requests quickly. Networking dynamos appear on as many authority blogs as possible. Post only on authority, relevant blogs to get the most bang for your blogging buck.

If bloggers aren’t knocking down your door with guest post requests reach out to the top bloggers in your niche. Personalize messages. Ask influencers if you could submit a guest post and pitch 2 or 3 post ideas which are relevant to their blog.

Personalizing your networking campaign by using first names, being polite and being kind makes you stand out from the blogging crowd. Make your blogging buddies feel special. Personalize your interactions to supercharge your blogging networking campaign.

Your turn:

How do you network effectively?

What tips can you add to this networking list?

I would love to hear your comments below.


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Catherine Holt is the founder of Blogging Tips 101. She has been an internet marketer since 2012. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

23 Responses to “5 Tips to Become a Blogging Networking Machine”

written by Ravi Chahar On 17 September 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

I really like the concept of this article.:)

You know there may be many bloggers but few of them know the real path the are going on. Most of bloggers just going on and on but don’t have any idea in which direction they are approaching.

Few months ago Matt Cutts announced that guest posting is dead. But the real meaning was it is dead if you only do it for getting backlinks. Writing guest post at any famous blog can make bloggers aware to different traffic.

I always like blog commenting because it’s the source from which bloggers can connect with many other bloggers. But blog commenting is not enough. Commenting like a Pro is the solution. Bloggers should have related stuff which can relate with the article at which they are going to comment.

Thanks for writing such an amazing article.:)

I hope you are having great week.


written by Catherine Holt On 17 September 2014 Reply

Thanks Ravi.

Your right, I remember when Matt announced his views about guest blogging. Suddenly bloggers everywhere were talking about how you could no longer guest blog, but that was not what Matt was saying. If you are planning to undertake guest blogging to build your profile and gain new readers then it is still an excellant tactic to use. If however you are in it purely to obtain the links, then you wont be looked upon too favourably.

Blog commenting is certainly a way to raise your profile and build those connections. You get what you sew, (so to speak). If you undertake it as a regular exercise then you will certainly see the benefits from it.

Thanks for stopping by ravi and sharing your ideas with us. Have an awesome week!

written by Kimberly Kline On 17 September 2014 Reply

I am a great believer in the power of commenting on the blogs of others (after all, what goes around, comes around ~ right?!). It is the same for sharing their articles. I regularly share the pieces of several bloggers in my online newspaper and in posts on my social media platforms. In addition I try to find relevant articles by those I haven’t shared in the past to add to the list. I really believe in a “pay it forward” atmosphere!

written by Catherine Holt On 17 September 2014 Reply

Absolutely Kimberly, blog commenting is an incredibly powerful way to build connections. I am always seeing your share awesome content and that will certainly make you stand out. Using a “pay it forward” mentality is a great way of thinking and will certainly be appreciated by many. Help others and they will help you too.

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us ;-)

written by Dennis On 18 September 2014 Reply

Hey Catherine!

Definitely need to look like we are in 100 places at once nowadays :)

Personally, I’ve still yet to start with blogging seriously (for my own company/ personal site) as my work revolves around me handling that for clients lol.

Once I fix up my schedule, you’ll definitely see me around more often applying your great tips above. :D

written by Catherine Holt On 18 September 2014 Reply

Sounds great Dennis. Being seen ‘everywhere’ requires you to be organised and time managed. Once you have a schedule, it will be a lot easier, but it is something you need to commit to. But once you have it working, it will just start being something that flows. It’s a great habit to build.

I look forward to hearing more from you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us today :-)

written by Virtuo Rohit On 18 September 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

Informative Post Indeed!

You mentioned some really massive tips for being a Networking Machine :D. And the most powerful technique is undoubtedly Blog Commenting. Comments can grab a lot of attention if done nicely, writing long and attractive comments can drive a lot of traffic and engaged users to your blog.

It ain’t necessary to comment on every blog to give your presence because the better deal is listing out some of the blogs and writing catchy and useful comments.

And the biggest point is that by blog commenting you build reputation and reputation is the biggest factor for a blogger. Your reputation and status is the thing that keeps you alive as a blogger.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post Catherine. Have a great week ahead!

- Rohit

written by Catherine Holt On 18 September 2014 Reply

You got that in one Rohit. Whilst blog commenting is important, it is more than just writing “great post”. Your comment needs to add value to the post, and of course show that you have actually read it! Other bloggers will also take note of you if you consistently leave well thought out comments, and that in turn will encourage them to head on over to your site. This all helps to build those ever important networks.

You always leave thoughtful comments Rohit, so you are definitely on the right path here :-) Thanks for sharing.

written by Karmakar On 18 September 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

Really simple but powerful tips… :)

I believe Persistent and commenting will have more importance on creating a better network…

But along with that you need to maintain quality content on your website… What you say?


written by Catherine Holt On 18 September 2014 Reply

Quality content is always going to be an absolute must Karmakar. If your site is of low value, you can comment until your blue in the face, but noone is going to want to visit your site, and if they don’t they either wont stay long or wont return.

You need to have a great balance between quality content AND engaging by commenting. Persistence is going to work a treat here, as you need to be ‘seen to be seen!’ This is not going to happen overnight and will take time to develop. But once you have built that presence and those relationships, your blog will definitely benefit from it.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your ideas. Have an awesome week.

written by Brittany Bullen On 18 September 2014 Reply


I need to be better about guest posting. I saw your form on Kevin’s post the other day and I almost filled it out… but then I didn’t. I feel intimidated, like I wouldn’t be able to create a good enough/fast enough post for you. I know that’s dumb and it’s something I need to get over… but we all have our things. =) Right?


written by Catherine Holt On 18 September 2014 Reply

Oh really Brittany?? You know what…I was thinking the other day about who I was going to invite next to be a featured blogger and your name came to mind. The fact that you thought about it even for a millisecond must be a sign!! I think it’s time to start breaking down those intimidation barriers don’t you?! I will be in touch!

written by Brittany Bullen On 19 September 2014 Reply

Sounds great Catherine! As it turns out I might have a pretty cool post for you already… =)

written by Catherine Holt On 19 September 2014 Reply

Sounds great :-)

written by Andrew On 19 September 2014 Reply

Hey Catherine, you made some really great points in this post you wrote.

Blogger outreach is super important and really is the #1 thing bloggers should be doing. I myself need to be doing much more of this … even though I do alot of it already.

Your point about being persistent is key because it may seem that you’re reaching out and possibly not getting anywhere for your efforts but in reality, you’re building up those strong connections if you’re just persistent. Nothing happens overnight and if you do it and are selfless about it, you’ll have those connections in no time.

Awesome post here.

Hope you have an awesome weekend.

- Andrew

written by Catherine Holt On 19 September 2014 Reply

Thanks Andrew. It’s like all relationships in life, they take time to build. When you meet a new group of people you don’t expect them to instantly be close friends, yet in blogging people seem to expect relationship building to just “happen”. If it takes time and effort offline, it takes a whole lot more time and effort online!

I think you do a great job at blogger outreach Andrew, but there is room for improvement for all of us. The difference comes from those that are prepared to accept that and do something about it!

Thanks for sharing with us today :-)

written by Ryan Biddulph On 20 September 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

Love the traction you’re getting on this post.

Networking bloggers become known. Bloggers who don’t network, don’t.

It’s that simple.

Robert Kiyoskai said rich folks build networks and all other folks look for work. That’s telling.

I blog from paradise because I just want to take all with me. That’s my intent.

Naturally I do what it takes to make that intent real, promoting others, leaving thorough comments on blogs, personalizing experiences and making friends.

So easy to rock out this blogging thing when you become a networking machine. So many folks will expand your presence quickly for you.

I may seem to be all over the place but I just helped a bunch of bloggers become all over the place.

Sow. Reap. Works so well, this Golden Rule thing, and I preach it constantly.

Thanks Catherine!

Tweeting through Triberr.


written by Catherine Holt On 21 September 2014 Reply

Networking is an absolutely priority and you know that all too well Ryan. A blogger trying to do it alone will really struggle and certainly won’t have as much fun!

If you reach out to others and build those connections, then those bloggers will start to share your content and so the cycle continues. It’s wonderful to see it happening.

Bloggers shouldn’t expect instant results though. Networking takes time and commitment. However the that choose to stick with it, day in and day out will benefit in the long run.

Thanks for sharing Ryan :-$

written by Nisha Pandey On 20 September 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

Fantastic post indeed. This is my first visit at your blog and I am impressed. Your comment format is also good.

Amazing tips you shared to become blogging networking machine. i am already doing with #4 and 5 and really, it is helping me to grow my network.

I am just going to start with Blogging outreach and promotion of Pro bloggers. Hope, this will also help me to grow like machine.

Thanks for the wonderful tips.

Have a great weekend!

written by Catherine Holt On 21 September 2014 Reply

Welcome to the blog Nisha. It’s great to hear that you are seeing the benefits of blog comenting. Not only does it help you learn more about the subject (and help your own writing), but it helps to build those all important networks.

If you can build up a network of engaged bloggers, everything will suddenly become a lot easier. O will start seeing your posts shared more, being featured on others sites and seeing the traffic increase in your blog. This is all awesome stuff!

Thanks for leaving your ideas here and we hope to see you back again very soon :-)

written by Susan On 23 September 2014 Reply

Boy . . . am I having fun, or educating myself, by reading your entries. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I found you and your encouraging words of wisdom. Let’s see where I can take this BLOG of mine!

Susan in San Diego

written by Catherine Holt On 23 September 2014 Reply

That’s awesome Susan. Blogging should be FUN, and that includes the learning too :-)

It sounds like you have a real passion for moving your blog forward, and if you stick at it, you will see the momentum starting. It’s an exciting journey, so stick with it :-)

written by amato.stealthtraffic.com Celebrates 4 Years On 4 December 2014 Reply

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