Blogging Tips from Steven Wilson at High Powered SEO

Steven Wilson is an awesome blogger who can be found sharing his tips and tricks over at High Powered SEO.  Steven has been helping other’s develop their online success since 2011 and has built several websites for business professionals.

Steven’s blogging style is open and down to earth where he focuses on building relationships with his readers.  I am delighted to welcome Steven today and I hope you enjoy what he has to share. 

1. Tell us about yourself and your blog

I am married with 2 sons, ages 8 and 2 years old. I currently live in a suburb right outside New Orleans Louisiana in the United States.

I’m the Founder of High Powered SEO which was established August 2013. There I discuss Websites, Blogging, Social Media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2. What made you get started in blogging?

I got started in blogging in 2009 because of the potential to make extra money. My wife came across a work from home mom’s blog, telling others about how she makes money from blogging.

So, I started my first blog on Blogger. The first couple weeks were exciting but I dove in to fast without knowing all the details.

Not being a natural writer, it was difficult to come up with topics to write about every day. So after a couple months, like many bloggers, my blogging days were over at that time but I never lost interest in it.

3. How much time do you dedicate each day/week to your blogging? 

How do you keep track of what you’re doing?

I dedicate at least 3 hrs a day, 5 or 6 days a week. I keep track of what I am doing by being consistent. It is so easy to lose track of time and energy. I focus on the same task every day of the week.

  • Monday is content and relationship building day.
  • Tuesday is mainly content day.
  • Wednesday is the day I publish my post and begin marketing it.
  • Thursday is marketing and relationship building.
  • Friday is relationship building and product development/ misc. day
  • Saturday is catch up on whatever I didn’t finish during the week day.

I decide exactly how I will market and build relationships the day before.

How I do it, whether it be social media or commenting on blogs, all depends on how I feel a certain platform is performing for me.

For example, if I feel my Twitter notifications are slowing down due to low mentions etc, I will spend some time there.

4. If you could have told yourself ONE thing when you started blogging, what would it be?

“Don’t focus on the money.” When I started blogging I did it to earn a decent part time income. I was all about diversifying my income and I decided blogging was an interesting way to do it.

By focusing on the money it took my focus off what was really important. I should have been focusing on great content, building solid relationships, optimizing my site to be found by search engines.

I didn’t realize that it takes a decent amount of time to generate an income worth talking about.

5. Do you make money from your blog?  If so, what has been your most successful way of making money?

I currently don’t make money directly from my blog. I do make money indirectly from it though.

I work with small businesses on the side and help them with the online side of their business. So, if they need help with a certain thing that I may wrote a post on, I direct them to that post so they can get a feel of what I know and what I can do for them.

 6. As well as blogging, do you have another full/part time job or parenting responsibilities? 

How do you juggle these demands?

Oh yes! I have a full time job, part time consultant for small businesses and a family to take care of.

This can be difficult for sure. It takes sacrificing if it is something you really want to do. Blogging is a lifestyle and you have to learn how to incorporate it into your life without making it feel like a burden. If not, you run the risk of getting burned out really quickly.

I mentioned earlier how I use consistency to help me maintain. This is important in order to build a routine and make things more second nature. At the same time, if you have a lot of other responsibilities you have to know that some days you will not be able to get everything accomplished and that’s OK.

With that, you have to be realistic as well. I am happy where I am with my blog but I know posting more than once a week for now, is not realistic due to my schedule.

I can’t expect to write 200+ articles a year like that other successful blogs, when it’s just me and they have a team of writers etc. It’s all about finding whatever balance works for you and your personal situation.

7. What would you say is your favourite social media platform and why?

My favourite social media platform is Google+! To me it is the total package when it comes to social media.

You can get all the business information you want and still see funny little GIF’s at the same time.

I also really enjoy the communities. I have had some of the best discussions on different topics there. It seems Google + is more conversational than any other platform. It also is my top traffic referrer as well.

8. What has been the biggest hurdle that you have come across in your blogging career to date? 

How did you overcome this?

My biggest hurdle was finding the time to blog. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do everything I would want to do in a day. I had to find the time to accomplish enough where I would be happy when I log off.

I had to give up some sleep. This was the only real place I could get some extra time to blog. I am fine with it since I enjoy blogging so much.

I definitely get exhausted but you can only run off 4 hours of sleep for so long until your body shuts down. This is exactly what happened to me last night.

 9. How do you drive traffic to your blog and grow your readership?

I use relationship building and social media. I don’t just comment on blogs but try to build a relationship which goes from their blog, to their social media accounts and so on.

Since using this method I have continued to see an increase in my social shares, mentions and comments on my blog.

10. What is the most important piece of advice you could give to a new blogger?

High Powered SEOThe most important advice I would like to give to a new blogger is ‘Persistence’. Blogging is not an overnight thing.

Even if you have been blogging before, unless it is dealing with the same niche, you will most likely have to develop a whole new strategy.

Finding the right strategy will only be done through trial and error. There are over night successes but they are few and far in between.

You have to be willing to go the distance. If you are doing everything in your power to grow a successful blog, keep on keeping on!

The unfortunate thing is that we never know when our success will come but I can guarantee you, it will never come if you give up!

Do you have any other questions you would like to ask Steven?  Please share at the end of this post. 

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Catherine Holt is the founder of Blogging Tips 101. She has been an internet marketer since 2012. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

10 Responses to “Blogging Tips from Steven Wilson at High Powered SEO”

written by Torsten Mueller On 11 July 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

there are some great tips to take from the interview with Steven. Besides the great advice and experience he’s sharing, I like that he mentions to not focus on the money. Too many people who start blogging are solely focused on monetization and the audience can feel it.

I think it is much better to focus on helping people in solving their problems, if done right the money will follow.

Have an awesome weekend,

written by Catherine Holt On 12 July 2014 Reply

That’s great advice Torsten! Whilst many bloggers do intend to make money online, it should not be the primary focus. By focusing on the money you are indeed focusing on the wrong things. Instead you should focus on providing awesome content, build engagement and an online reputation etc. As you say….the money will follow after you have built these building blocks.

written by Marc On 11 July 2014 Reply

It’s nice to get to know more about you. Being that dedicated while having a full time job is something that most people aren’t willing to do, but it shows that you’re committed. I did the same thing for about a year and a half before leaving my full-time job, but I didn’t have any kids at the time.

New Orleans is a great city. I was only there once, about 2 years ago, but I really enjoyed it. It’s totally unlike any other city in the U.S.

written by Catherine Holt On 12 July 2014 Reply

We can’t argue with Steven’s dedication can we Marc ;-) He is certainly very inspiring with everything he manages to achieve, and with everything else, still manages to give us great content!

written by Kevin Duncan On 12 July 2014 Reply

Great interview, Catherine.

It’s neat learning some things about Steven I didn’t know. Most interesting, to me, was his daily schedule. He does the same thing every Monday, every Tuesday, every Wednesday, and so on.

Given the “fly by the seat of your pants” mentality of many bloggers, this routine gives Steven a leg up on them.

written by Catherine Holt On 12 July 2014 Reply

That is something I really noticed too Kevin. I certainly have a schedule for my blogging, but it is not broken down into categories as much as Steven does. Mine is more focused towards posting on regular days, and things I want to achieve for the week on social media. It is really interesting to see what others do, and we can certainly learn from each other in this way.

Thanks for your comment :-)

written by Steven Wilson On 12 July 2014 Reply

Hey Catherine,

Thanks so much for having me! It is really an honor!

The main thing I hope others take from this is that blogging is a lifestyle. It is something we have to incorporate into I routine.

I made the mistake with my first two blogs years ago, with the thought of “build it and they will come” :)

Thanks again and have a great day!

written by Catherine Holt On 13 July 2014 Reply

Your very welcome Steven, thanks for being on board :-)

written by Ryan Biddulph On 12 July 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

Honest to goodness, I have a mental block with your suggestion form LOL! Sorry for leaving my comment there, some third time. I see it, and leave my name, and comment, then after I do it, a Homer Simpson like, DOH!

Agreed fully on each point. Steven is a networking king, a wizard of outreach and I model my blogging campaign around his beliefs. It’s funny, but detaching from money outcomes has aided my development more than just about anything.

I never fully did that on my old blog. Sure I saw some success, but for years, that attachment to making money through blogging robbed me of my creative energies and filled my being instead with despair, anger, resentment, fear and jealousy, all of which greatly slowed down my progress as a blogger.

Lesson learned fully for my new blog. Now I’m intending to create good, targeted content, and to make friends with authority bloggers. That’s it. I’m monetizing through my freelance page and hootsuite ad right now but will add other streams slowly, as I like just being calm, cool and collected about the whole blogging for money bit.

So much of my success has been due to doing things for joy, not money….and of course the money sneaks in through the back door, through some unexpected channel.

Thanks Catherine and Steve, you guys rock.

I’ll tweet in a bit….and Catherine, just junk my Friday’s Featured Blogger emails ok hahahaha!

Hey you know what? Strike that! I owe you an interview now. Will fill it out – for its intended purpose – and cross my fingers.

Have a great weekend. Looking good here in Fiji so far, so hope it’s looking good a few hours away in Aussie land.


written by Catherine Holt On 12 July 2014 Reply

Lol…sorry Ryan. Hm…maybe it’s not very clear on the blog..maybe something I should be looking at! It’s always great to hear from you, even in duplicate :-)

That’s really interesting to hear your points of view regarding the money too, especially from someone who is able to travel whilst blogging. If making an income online is a goal, we really do need to evaluate how we are going about it. I agree that letting go of the money side of things and letting things flow naturally will be of far more benefit :-)

How are things looking in Aust? Pretty miserable really….would much rather be in Fiji. Unless of course you are at the ski fields, which are going mental, and hopefully that will be me in a few weeks time :-)

Thanks for leaving us your comment :-)

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