Blogging Tips From Mi Muba At Be A Money Blogger

Today I would like to extend a warm welcome to Mi Muba from Be A Money Blogger.  I have known Mi for a number of months now after we connected through a Google+ group.  Mi has extensive blogging experience and uses blogging as his full time income.  If you would like to learn how to make money from blogging, then Mi is certainly someone who can give sound advice on the matter.  

Please enjoy his interview and remember to share your comments and ask questions below.

Be A Money Blogger

1. Tell us about yourself and your blog at Be A Money Blogger. 

Mi Muba on Blgging Tips 101First of all thanks a lot Catherine for featuring me at your wonderful blog.

I hope it will be a great learning experience for me to share with your blog community my experiences of professional life and get their feedback to improve me further.

Now a few words about me; my name is Mi Muba. I am from Karachi, Pakistan – a South Asian country.

I have been blogging for the last three years and full-time blogging for the last one year.

I manage three blogs. Be A Money Blogger is my youngest blog while I have been managing the rest of the two: Capital Market Awareness Blog  and Green Blog for the last three years.

2. What made you start blogging?

Bossy attitude and frowning expression of my so many bosses in my previous eighteen years job-life made me do my own business.

I didn’t have much money to start an offline business so I dived into online business by paying just a few bucks to buy domain name and started my first blog on Blogger platform.

After passing through the initial phase of my blogging struggle as toddler blogger I came to know the real potential of money making with this amazing field of online marketing.

Earlier I was just taking it a noble cause to bring change in society. That is why my first two blogs separately aim to raise capital market awareness and green awakening.

I think once a person tastes the flavour of liberty in his professional life he can hardly convince himself to do a 9-5 job. Sometimes I fail to achieve my monthly earning targets but still I enjoy being free from all the restrictions a job can impose on me.

3. Be A Money Blogger is a relatively new blog.  What made you start over with a new blog?

It’s only been eight months since I started Be A Money Blogger. It’s actually logical output of my three years research for money blogging which I did extensively to earn big money with my two already established blogs.

Though I could not have earned with my two earlier blogs so massively, but I fully learnt money blogging while struggling to earn money.

The reason of my not earning big with my two blogs was their least competitive niche. Both green niche and capital market awareness niche do not have huge appeal nor do they have market value. So I decided to start a blog on money making.

Now I don’t have to learn how to earn while managing my blog. I have already learnt a lot while earning money or trying to earn big money with my two previous blogs.

4. What do you enjoy most about blogging?  On the other hand, what frustrates you most? 

My passion or rather you can say it my fad is to explore new and unique ways to earn money with my blogs.

If blogging is business you can sell on it anything you want. You just need to bring the right target audience at your blog and then earning money is not so difficult.

To bring right target audience at your blog and make it believe in you is a gigantic task and nowadays I am trying to accomplish the same task at my money blog.

5. On average, how much time do you dedicate each day/week to your blogging?  How do you keep track of what you are doing? 

As I told you I manage three blogs. I publish weekly post at two of them while at my green blog I publish three posts in a week.

To manage three blogs with all necessary blogging chores including content writing, blog commenting, sending sales pitch and a little tweaking needs daily 10 hours at least. I need to give two hours on weekends also to cover up the chores which I could not have done during week days.

 6. If you could go back in time and tell yourself ONE thing when you started blogging, what would it be? 

Selection of right niche is the main thing to start a blog successfully. A slighter confusion while picking a niche may send you into the blind alley of failure and you can never come out from it unless you change or alter your niche.

Let me tell you how I suffered from the selection of wrong niche.

I also have fifteen years experience of green advocacy. I am known as a very active green awakening expert in green industry of my country. So I picked go green and pollution control as the niche of my second blog. But after writing first 100 to 200 posts I faced a huge writer block. Then I came to know that I didn’t notice while selecting my green niche that the reason of my green advocacy is huge fee which I charge to green NGOs and earn decent amount of money. I never did any green activity voluntarily and always charged for it. So this was the mistake I took it as my passion though it was actually my source of earning.

Another mistake I did while picking the capital market niche for my first blog was selection of wrong medium of communication.

With my research I got to know that those who can’t read and understand English language in my country are the real target audience for capital market awareness. So I started my first blog in my national language Urdu. But I forgot the fact that Google does not support and index non-English blogs as much as it does to blogs in English language.

So I could not have expanded my target audience beyond a certain level and now I am just relying on a small number of visitors at it. But they are the most relevant people who buy various investment plans on my recommendation. Their number is so less. That is why I don’t earn so big with it.

 7. What would you say has been your most successful way of making money online to date?

Frankly speaking up till now my most successful way of money making is Google Adsense. It became my main source of earning accidentally because of the large number of unique visitors at my green blog.

The second most profitable way of earning money is product review at my capital market awareness blog where I charge to investment companies for writing reviews for their products.

But my favourite way of earning money is selling my own product and best seller affiliate products. I am doing home work for this purpose to apply this method at my money blog. Right now I am just trying to develop my brand as a money blogger.

8. As well as blogging, do you have another full/part time job or parenting responsibilities?  How do you juggle these demands? 

During my 18 years professional life I did nearly 15 small and big jobs and many times two jobs simultaneously at morning and evening for the consecutive 14 years.

I was also associated with online marketing and did freelance work as ghost blogger for two blogs of a UK NGO.

For the last one year I have been making my full-time living with my own blogs and enjoyed this field so much so that I never thought to make it part-time even in one or two months when I failed to achieve my income targets.

My wife is also a working person. She is a school teacher. So, half of the household chores and parenting is my responsibility which I easily manage after doing all my blogging tasks.

9. What would you say is your favourite social media platform and why? 

Google plus and especially the power of its communities is unmatchable. I observed that very mature type of people join its communities.

People with business objectives are found more than those who just join it to enjoy or be connected with their friends.

I hardly found a sentence “feeling lonely” at any timeline of Google + while almost daily I read this type of phrases at other very popular social media.

10. What has been the biggest hurdle that you have come across in your blogging career to date?  How did you overcome this?

I have spent nearly 22 years of my practical life in struggle so any kind of hurdle seems to me just a source of enjoyment and I try to extract opportunities from it.

Yes being from a region where people don’t make their purchasing decision after reading a blog is a little problem for me.

So I have to target the people from those regions where 75% people buy a product after reading about it at a blog. It means I am adding the supply load in internet-popular regions where already a big number of online marketers are selling products to their internet users.

In Asia (where I live) and Africa hardly 10 per cent people make a purchase decision after reading a blog or an online journal. Their source of information is offline resources. So to get my audience from my own region I need a long time to remove this hurdle.

11. How do you drive traffic to your blog and grow your readership? 

At my green blog search engines are the biggest source of my traffic. Most of the green keywords have thousands of searches but unfortunately they are equally least competitive.

At my capital awareness blog my main source is email list which I developed with my offline resources including institutional surveys and registered small investors of local stock markets.

At my money blog I aim to build an email list by offering a free product which I am soon going to install. So far I am getting quite good number of traffic from social media and from mentions and referrals from other online sources including a few big blogs of a few influencers who are kind enough to re-share my posts off and on and also mention me at their blogs.

12. What is the most important piece of advice you could give to a new blogger?

Never be afraid to make an attempt. If you succeed it is wonderful. If you make a mistake, learn from it and then succeed.

If you have someone who can guide you well then never make an attempt by yourself and learn from him. This is the gist of the lesson of my previous three years blogging struggle.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Mi for sharing with us today.  If you would like to connect further with him further for more tips on money blogging, you can do so at his social media profiles.

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Catherine Holt is the founder of Blogging Tips 101. She has been an internet marketer since 2012. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

39 Responses to “Blogging Tips From Mi Muba At Be A Money Blogger”

written by Carolyn Nicander Mohr On 10 October 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine, What a wonderful interview of Mi. He truly is an inspiration, working very hard and producing so much content each week. He’s right, once you work for yourself, a 9-5 job is much less appealing.

He offers a lot of good advice for entrepreneurs, bloggers and really everyone. My favorite thing he said was: “Never be afraid to make an attempt. If you succeed it is wonderful. If you make a mistake, learn from it and then succeed.” True and inspirational!

written by Catherine Holt On 12 October 2014 Reply

Mi is certainly one to watch isn’t he Carolyn. Never being afraid to make an attempt is awesome advice. If you don’t give something a go, then you will never reach your goal. It is important to give things a try and work towards your dreams.

Thanks for sharing with us :-)

written by Mi Muba On 12 October 2014 Reply

Hi Carolyn

I so glad to hear your such great words for me. I am a learner of blogging and be happy if I can help others.

I once read somewhere those who are borne entpreneur can never by happy following strict timings to work despite being quite self-disciplined.

Thanks a lot for your quite motivational remarks for me.

written by Harleena Singh On 11 October 2014 Reply

Hi Muba, and good to see you featured at Catherine’s blog :)

What a lovely interview, and it’s always a pleasure to know more about you! I still wonder how you manage to maintain all your blogs so well!

Lol…yes, those bossy attitudes and the regular grind of the 9-5 jobs one can never forget. I think nothing could be better than having your own business or blog and managing life the way you want it – after all, we all look for happiness at the end of the day, isn’t it?

You talked of the right niche selection, and that is so true because most of us don’t really know what direction we are heading towards, until we spend some time and know other bloggers and the way to blog. Similar is the case in choosing the right domain name for your blog or the apt category, isn’t it?

I like your advice in the end to never fail to attempt, and that’s so true – if you never try, how will you know if you’d succeed in something or not. Reminds me of the many changes I’ve made to my blog and each one, thankfully, has been a stepping stone for me, including the recent introduction of the new blog community and forum, which you already know of. So, go fully ahead and give it your best shot – you can make it, and even if you don’t, at least you know you gave it your best shot and tried.

Thanks for sharing more about yourself with us, and I am glad you got him over Catherine. Happy weekend, both of you :)

written by Catherine Holt On 12 October 2014 Reply

Thanks Harleena, it was great having Mi here.

He has some awesome advice to share with us, and is a great example of what can be achieved if you are prepared to put in the work. I love his advice about always giving things a go. You have to learn through trial and error and everything you learn you can use for improvement in the future. Never be afraid to try something.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us today :-)

written by Mi Muba On 12 October 2014 Reply

Hi Harleena

I can’t stop rejoicing after reading your wonderful comments which reflect the height of care and responsiveness.

I think creative people are not made to do 9 to 5 job. It is equally a pity that other than the fields directly related to art and craft people think a person related to any techie world can’t be much creative. Though it is a borne quality and sometime those who have nothing to do with any thing of art are more creative than very famous people related to art.

Once I saw a show held to pay tribute to an opinion leader aged 70. While introducing him before the audience the anchor said about him that he is 70 years young (not old). On his inquiring the anchor said whoever is struggling is young and whoever has become contented on what he has is actually grown old.

Thanks a lot my friend for your very detailed comments and much glad to receive a lot of guidance from between the lines of your views.

written by donna merrill On 11 October 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

Thank you for interviewing Mi Muba! From the very first time I visited his bog, what attracted me the most was his eye for business. He gives quality content all the time and is not afraid to work hard.

One can just go to his blog and realize that he is a serious blogger and wants to get the message out that they too can be a money blogger. I hold him in the highest regard when it comes to a fellow blogger.

Mi Muba, You have always inspired me with all you share on your blogs and to keep in mind all the time that our blogs are our business. I do feel like we are on the same page with that.
You are highly respected as a professional. And that’s what I love about your blog.

Here, I had the chance to get to know you a bit more from this interview. Your wife is a teacher, and you are running the household while you are working. It is interesting to know that a husband and wife can work together in harmony. Many people suffer online because their spouse doesn’t have respect for their work.

I work with my husband and together we build products. Isn’t life wonderful to have that kind of relationship?

I also am very impressed about how you are an advocate of green living…I didn’t know about that one.

In short, this interview was so great to get to know you more.


written by Catherine Holt On 12 October 2014 Reply

Thanks for taking the time to comment here Donna.

Mi is an incredible inspiration and he has some awesome advice for those that are serious about turning their blog into a business. It’s great to be able to learn from someone that has already done it! His work ethic is awesome and has sometng to teach both new and experienced bloggers.

written by Mi Muba On 12 October 2014 Reply

Hi Donna

It gives me immense pleasure to learn you appreciate my efforts for creating value at my blog and your words are big source of encouragement for me.

I am also regular visitor of your blog and the way you pick the topic for your each blog post and put new info in it shows your blogging excellence.

Your wonderful comments at my blog and your agreeing with me on most of the topics do show how wonderful professional blogger you are and your supporting me at social media did make be connect with several awesome bloggers.

Like you I am also one of the luckiest persons having full support of my family to continue my online business. My little daughter aged 10 also manages her own blog which shows blogging creeps into our whole family.

It is good to know you too have full support of your family and working online as a family venture. Earlier only in China family-managed business was so common but now it is gaining ground everywhere.

Once again thanks a lot for your great views about me and hope to learn more from your wonderful posts.

written by DOK Simon On 11 October 2014 Reply

Hello Catherine , Hello Muba !!
First of all I must say that am so glad to see Muba featured on Cath’s blog. I love every bit of his work. This interview has also been another eye opener to know more about Muba and how he does his work and I must confess that I have learnt something !!

written by Catherine Holt On 12 October 2014 Reply

Thanks, Dok. One of the things that I love about interviews is that you get to learn a bit more about the blogger. It’s their chance to shine :-). There is certainly more to Mi than what you see on his blog, and it’s all good :-)

written by Mi Muba On 12 October 2014 Reply

Hi Dok

We have been in regular interaction at social media and at each other’s blogs. But here I am so glad to hear your great words about me. I am so lucky to have several wonderful online friends like you.

Thanks a lot for your great comments.

written by Brittany Bullen On 11 October 2014 Reply

Mi Muba,

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to get to know you a little bit better and hear your story. That’s definitely impressive that you’ve been able to make such a good income from your blogging efforts. Well done!

I look forward to learning more from you and your blog.


written by Catherine Holt On 12 October 2014 Reply

Thanks for stopping by Brittany and I’m pleased that I have been able to expose more of Mi to you. He is certainly an incredible blogger and a lot can be learnt from his site. I’m glad you enjoyed his interview :-)

written by Mi Muba On 12 October 2014 Reply

Hi Brittany

This is the power of networking we get to know more and more about each other when we get actively engaged in it.

I visit your blog regularly and learn a lot from it and also be happy to have your great comments at my blog.

Thanks a lot for your wonderful views here.

written by Enstine Muki On 11 October 2014 Reply

Hey Mi,

Welcome to Catherine’s blog. I didn’t know Adsense is doing well for you. Congratulations on that green blog.

I visited but did not have the slightest idea what’s written on it ;)

Have a wonderful weekend you both and thanks Catherine for featuring this great blogger this week ;)

written by Catherine Holt On 12 October 2014 Reply

Thanks Enstine, I was thrilled when Mi agreed to be featured here. I love his blog and how he is committed to sharing ideas and helping others.

Great to see you here, thanks for stopping by :-)

written by Mi Muba On 14 October 2014 Reply

Hi Enstine

Luckily Adsense works well on blogs of mainstream (non-techie) niche; that is why I am quite happy with it at my green blog.

Sarmayakar blog is on capital market awareness but it is not in English language. It is in my country’s national language Urdu.

Thanks for your deep interest to know me more and it is a sign of a true friend.

written by Moumita ghosh On 12 October 2014 Reply

Hello Catherine and Mi Muba,

Congratulation Mi Muba on being featured here and thanks you so much Catherine for sharing his blogging journey. Mi Muba is a very efficient blogger and I have learned lots of techniques from his blog “Be A Money Blogger”. Thanks you Mi Muba for sharing your blogging journey. it’s really motivational.

written by Catherine Holt On 12 October 2014 Reply

Mi certainly is an efficient blogger Mouumita and I was very grateful to him for agreeing to be interviewed. I love his openness and desire to help others achieve their goal.

Thanks for sharing here today :-)

written by Mi Muba On 14 October 2014 Reply

Hi Moumita

Thanks a lot and it is good to see you here.

I am so glad to know you learn a lot from my blog though you do have very perfect blogging knowledge as I observe it in your blog posts.

Thanks for your great words.

written by Don Purdum On 12 October 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine and Mi!

Thank you Catherine for giving Mi an opportunity to share himself with us on your blog.

Mi has been of the kindest, encouraging and supportive followers of my blog. He never ceases to amaze me with his insights, intelligence and experience.

Mi, your answers to Catherine’s questions left me feeling so encouraged. Your mindset and choice to see struggles as opportunities is what sets you apart from so many who just quit at the first sign of adversity.

Here is my favorite quote: “Never be afraid to make an attempt. If you succeed it is wonderful. If you make a mistake, learn from it and then succeed.”

Mi, not only are you a success story today, but the one you will be tomorrow is even more exciting. It’s a privilege to call you friend!

Thank you again for giving Mi a platform to share with us!

~ Don Purdum

written by Catherine Holt On 14 October 2014 Reply

Love it Don, they are powerful words arn’t they. if you don’t try at something then how can you expect to succeed at it! Mi is certainly someone with wise words and we can learn a lot from him.

Thanks for sharing here :-)

written by Mi Muba On 14 October 2014 Reply

Hi Don

The way you blog and involve your readers so impressively is a great source of learning for me.

It’s not been so long since we got connected but it seems we have been friends for a long time. This is the power of having common goals and professional understanding.

Your brilliant ideas at your blog did show how wonderful business person you are who never puts aside human aspect and become unforgettable for his clients.

Thanks a lot for being here to encourage me.

written by Nisha pandey On 13 October 2014 Reply

Hi Muba,

This is great to see you here and loved reading your amazing tips.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences and inspirational blogging journey. I too have a bossy attitude and don’t like to under anybody. that’s why I started my blog. So, I can now enjoy my blogging career as well as take care of my baby by sitting home. This is wonderful experience.

Thanks for sharing about your favorite social media platform. I will must implement on this and feel the good experiences.

Thanks Catherine for bringing up Muba here. I really enjoyed reading this.

Have a wonderful week ahead both of you.

written by Catherine Holt On 14 October 2014 Reply

Thanks Nisha, it was great to have Mi on the blog. He has an incredible inspiring journey and I was thrilled to be able to share a small part of that.

I appreciate you leaving your thoughts here :-)

written by Mi Muba On 14 October 2014 Reply

Hi Nisha

It is so good to see you here as we already been in active connect at each other’s blog.

It gives me huge encouragement when a committed blogger like you not only appreciates my work but equally bucks me up to continue working hard.

Thanks a lot for your wonderful words.

written by Ryan Biddulph On 13 October 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine and Mi,

Super practical advice here. He sums it up well. Try, try, try, and good things will happen. He found a more prospering niche by trying, testing, learning, tweaking, and so did I. My old blog focused on a different niche and even though I had success with it I was destined to create a blog detailing my life of island hopping through smart blogging. Blogging from Paradise was born. I’d never have found that clarity unless I created my old blog, and unless I published so many posts, because through doing, and feeling, we figure out the niche which most vibes with us.

I had a neat story to tell. Retiring to a life of island hopping is so many folk’s dream, but I had to get clear on what I was doing, and why I was doing it, to gain that clarity, to tell my story. Experimenting, or attempting, was the way to make this happen. New bloggers, listen to Mi. He offers dead on advice. Don’t be afraid to reach, to try, to publish posts, and to network. I became an island hopper by doing the things Mi chats about, and I’m writing these words from Fiji because I persisted like heck.

I’d add that publishing eBooks and offering services are 2 wonderful ways to open up passive and active income streams for your blog. Brand you, stand out, prosper through blogging. I’ve gone bonkers on publishing Blogging from Paradise eBooks, and I’m also a freelance writer and blogging coach, and all is well, on the BFP front. Give, share, learn, study, learn, study, and keep on applying, and you will succeed online. Just don’t give up, by blogging to be free, and you’ll persist like heck.

Thanks Catherine and Mi, keep up the great work guys. I believe in you both and appreciate your hustle! Tweeting soon, and signing off from Fiji.


written by Catherine Holt On 14 October 2014 Reply

That’s certainly the route to success isn’t it Ryan, try, try and try again. Never give up! But it’s also important to remember to share, connect, share connect, share connect otherwise all that trying will be like an uphill battle! Mi is someone that has put in the hard yards and now is seeing the fruits of his labour.

I appreciate you leaving your insights here Ryan, have a great week!

written by Angela McCall On 13 October 2014 Reply

Hi Mi,

It is nice to get to know you more on a deeper level. This is a great interview by Catherine. The questions are superb!

The first time I blogged here I started with “Health Matters” then “Love & Relationship”. I struggled a little bit on the niche coz I didn’t know exactly what niche I wanted to do. I thought of Health. Then Relationship. Little did I know they are highly very competitive and so later I dropped then within 3 months and instead just blog ONE and that is – Design & Marketing.

In the beginning, I was just going to create a website with my own name domain, with my portfolio, and attract clients. Didn’t know that I could attract clients through my site, so I started blogging.

If you write a product review with compensation, your English is outstanding!

I know what your saying about bosses who acts like they are in high horses! I have experience a few of those and it wasn’t fun at all. The hospital I used to work for…every time I come to work, it feels like a cemetery. Going to work was dreadful. There is nothing like having your own business, be your own boss, and making money at your site.

Anyway, thanks for sharing yourself. Hope you have a great week!

Catherine, great job for composing the interview. God bless…


written by Catherine Holt On 14 October 2014 Reply

Thanks so much for sharing your journey Angela. It sounds like you have spent a lot of time really thinking about the direction for your blog and you now have something that you are happy with and know will work. That is testament to the ‘never being afraid to try something’ and it’s paid off :-)

written by Marc On 13 October 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine and Mi Muba,
It is always nice to learn more about other bloggers and to get to know them a little better. I really like this response to the last question about advice for new bloggers:

“Never be afraid to make an attempt. If you succeed it is wonderful. If you make a mistake, learn from it and then succeed.”

written by Catherine Holt On 14 October 2014 Reply

It’s an awesome response isn’t it Marc. In a way this could have been the entire interview….lol. Always leave the best till last so they say :-)

I appreciate you sharing here, have a great week!

written by Philip Varghese Ariel On 18 October 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,
Its indeed a great pleasure to read more about one of my blogging friend, though i have an acquaintance with him thru this interview I could learn more about him,Thanks Mi for letting out your views and activities thru this interview. though I am bit late, i could reach out this place on time!
Thanks Catherine for providing such informative personal experiences about our senior bloggers. Hope you will find some time to give opportunities to the new comers here. LOL
May you have a great weekend
Keep writing
Keep informed
~ Philip

written by Catherine Holt On 19 October 2014 Reply

That’s great that you found this interview with Mi useful Philip. He has a way of sharing his information in an easy to understand yet incredibly informative manner. It is a real skill.

There have been newbie bloggers here too. Just because you are new, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have useful information to share that others can find of value :-)

written by Philip Varghese Ariel On 19 October 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

Good to hear from you again.

Yes, Mi is indeed an incredible personality!

He can easily converse the vital thing in an easy and informative way,
that is indeed a special talent.

Nice to meet him and to move and walk closer with him.
He did a Guest post for my page too.

May you have a great week ahead. :-)



written by Steven Wilson On 22 October 2014 Reply

Hey Catherine and Mi,

This was awesome. I met Mi Muba not to much sooner than you did Catherine. I already appreciate Mi and this just shows his hard work and dedication to the craft.

This taught me a lot about Mi that I didn’t know about him.Thanks for this Catherine and great job Mi Muba.

Y’all take care!

written by Catherine Holt On 22 October 2014 Reply

I am grateful to you Steven for introducing me to Mi :-)

The one thing (of many) that I love about blogger interviews is that you really get to know more about the person behind the blog. It’s another way to show that we are all still human.

Thanks for stopping by Steven :-)

written by Shane Williams On 21 November 2014 Reply

very Nice Article Mi Muba. I like his writing skills. he is a passionate Blogger and that is the reason I love to read his Articles.

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