Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

You may have started your blog with the purpose of making money blogging.  You may already be earning money through your blog, or you may have started wondering if it will ever be possible.  Well, the short answer is that YES, it is possible to make money blogging, but you need to know the recipe!

First of all, you need to know what it is you are actually going to sell.  You can’t expect to earn money if you have no idea where it is going to come from.  Sure, you can earn money from advertising or Google Adsense, but having a product to sell, will increase your chances to make money blogging.

This product could be your own product, or it could be an affiliate product, but having a product to sell is pretty vital!

Can you make money bloggingIn a way you could describe the process much in the same way as you would by baking a cake!!

What do you do when you bake a cake?

First of all you need to decide WHAT type of cake you are going to bake.  There are hundreds to choose from, so deciding to bake a cake is simply not enough.

You need to be specific!

Likewise, deciding to make money blogging is not enough, you need to narrow this down.

Once you have decided what cake to bake, you need to know what ingredients it includes and whether you actually have those ingredients already or whether you need to purchase them.  You can’t just ‘wing’ this, you have to be prepared.

Likewise, you need to think about the ingredients you need to make money blogging.  What is it that is actually going to bring you the revenue?  What ingredients are you going to put together that is going to make a successful business for you?

Once you know WHAT you are are going to bake (sell) and HOW you are going to bake it (Sell it), you can achieve the end result….the cake (or the money!!).

Blogging without anything to sell, is like making a cake without the ingredients.  Sure, you could make something that resembles a cake, but will it be worth eating?

3 Blogging Tips To Make Money Blogging

1. Decide on the cake and gather your ingredients: Find your product

Week by week you should be publishing new articles onto your blog.  Whether you decide to publish every day or twice a week is only something that you can decide upon, but it must be something that you commit to.

All these posts are building up to create more traffic, gain more readers and also helping you gain credibility as a blogger.  You are showing that you know what you are doing!  Your posts are the foundation of your blog.  Without them you won’t have a blog, just like you can’t make a cake without the ingredients.

The quality of the ingredients can also make an impact on the quality of the end cake.  Likewise the quality of your posts will have a HUGE impact upon the overall quality of your blog and whether you can turn it into a profitable business.

2. Start baking!: Engage and participate with others

All the ingredients for your cake have been gathered together and you can commence making your creation.

You publish your blog posts, and people are noticing you.  You are receiving comments and you are promoting your posts along all your social media networks.

All the time you are in the process of baking your cake, you are building it’s consistency.  Your relationships with bloggers is growing and people start to take an interest in you.  The more readers you have, the more potential customers you can sell to.

3. Your cake is baked: Present your product (your income)

After all the preparation of baking your cake, you now have a product to show.

SO what is the product for YOUR blog?

You have done all the groundwork, the visitors are coming and sharing your posts, but what can they purchase when they arrive to you?

Have you even thought about which product you want to sell?  Have you given any consideration to the appropriateness of that product and whether it has a good connection to the topic of your blog?  If you want to make money blogging, you need to make sure you select the right product!

Are you actively participating with readers, and building up a credible blog which will encourage people to purchase from you?

In order to make money blogging, you need to be selling something that is going to be earning you those dollars.  Without your product, you are missing the opportunity to be turning your blog into a business.

Make Money BloggingThe pure joy of blogging is not going to make you an income online.

If you want to work at increasing those traffic levels to extraordinary levels to make an income from Google Adsense then go for it.  Can you see however how having a product specifically related to your target audience is going to get you more dollars?

Think about ALL the ingredients that you need to bake your cake.  Don’t run the risk of leaving anything out, otherwise your cake wont work!

Perhaps you already have a business and a product, but you don’t have the blog to run along side it?  If this is the case, you might want to consider the benefits of business blogging to promote your product to a wider audience.  The learn how to blog program can assist you to start your blog, and maximize it’s potential to make money.

At the end of the day, if you don’t sell a product, someone else will.  You can either let your competitors reap the rewards or you can take a slice of the cake too!  If your blog is for business, then leaving it to chance is just not going to work.

Perhaps you have NO idea what product you could possibly sell?  The product should be related to your blog, and your blog should be about something you have a passion for.  Link the two together and see what it is your readers are coming for.  Think about what it is that they would benefit from on your blog and there you will find the product.

REMEMBER -  the product does not need to be your own product, it could be an affiliate, but it does need to be specific to your site.

Do you feel it is possible for you to make money blogging?  Do you have a product to sell? Please share your thought with us below.


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Catherine Holt is the founder of Blogging Tips 101. She has been an internet marketer since 2012. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

6 Responses to “Can You Really Make Money Blogging?”

written by Ricardo Gardener On 3 April 2014 Reply

Loving the Cake baking analogy, it’s really true just like any good baker knows they just first know what they want to make or bake in case of earning an income online and then go about making it, and best of all by socializing and gaining friends along the way that dream can grow and flourish.
Best of all it’s critical that if you mess up your first cake (Making money online), like baking you will eventually learn and get better if you simply decide not to quit prematurely.
Great point of view for this article catherine.

written by Catherine Holt On 3 April 2014 Reply

Thanks Ricardo. Maybe it’s my obsession for cake that I linked the two….lol.

You are right though, if you don’t get it right the first time, just keep going. Eventually you will get the ingredients to work well together and the success will come shortly after!

Thanks for your feedback :-)

written by Marc On 3 April 2014 Reply

Affiliate products are a great way to get started before creating your own products. By selling products as an affiliate you won’t have to dedicate the time and expense to create the product, so you can focus your efforts on growing the blog. Then as your audience grows you can look to create your own product. From my experience this approach tends to work pretty well.

written by Catherine Holt On 4 April 2014 Reply

Your 100% right Marc. If your site is promoting an affiliate product, someone else has already done all the hard work and you can reap the reward! Provided that the affiliate product you choose is specifically targeted to what your readers need, this is a great way of earning money online. As you then grow with experience and build up an income, you could venture into selling your own product. This may however not even be necessary, as many successful bloggers earn a healthy salary purely from the affiliate product they sell. Doing your homework first is what is important here :-)

written by Nanda Rahmanius On 10 April 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

Yes, making money blogging is possible to do. Affiliate is one of the way, but not the only way, right?
I’ve tried using Adsense, but somehow, I was hit by banned storms. It’s annoying, isn’t it?
Now, I focus on the build my blog quality and I hope, along the way, I can make money blogging :)
Thanks for sharing this post, Catherine.
Nice share!

written by Catherine Holt On 11 April 2014 Reply

Your right Nanda, affiliate products are not the only way of making money, they are just one way. But unless you have a product of your own or a huge amount of traffic that could increase Adsense revenue, affiliate marketing is a great way to start the making some money. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Building your blog quality is definitely a great idea. If you don’t have the quality to begin with, it is unlikely you will be successful with making money online. Keep plugging away at it, and it will come naturally.

Thanks for your feedback :-)

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