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Blog Commenting For SEO

Blog Commenting For SEO: 3 Tips

Did you know commenting on blogs can improve your blog’s SEO? Getting clicks through authority, relevant blogs can improve your placement in search engines and bolster your SEO campaign.

Blog commenting as a marketing strategy requires a few things:

  • Mindfulness
  • Careful attention to detail
  • A willingness to let go attachment to outcomes
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Setting Up Google Authorship

Setting Up Google Authorship In 6 easy Steps

Setting up Google authorship can seem like a daunting task, but that should not put you off from getting it done as soon as possible.  We recently published an article on the benefits of Google authorship which outlined the importance of having your smiling face appear next to your articles (or non smiling face if you prefer!).

The advantages far outweigh the time taken to set up the authorship, and today’s article walks you through the 6 steps leaving you with no excuses not to do it!  So what are you waiting for?

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Social Signals

The Importance Of Social Signals

How seriously do you take your social signals?  Do you understand how important they can be as an SEO ranking factor?  Believe it or not, the social signals that your blog receives all helps to play a role in how you will be listed on the search engines.

Whether your news is social or information based, it is generally shared on social media platforms.  You quite often find out that your friend has had their baby, or there has been an earthquake overseas on Facebook or Twitter before you hear it by word of mouth or on the news.  In fact, the news is brought almost immediately, as events are shared across all social media platforms.

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Keyword Density

Is Keyword Density Important?

Keyword density is one of the things that new bloggers ask about.  It seems to be the topic that causes many headaches which leaves new bloggers scratching their head wondering what to do. We all know that SEO is important for our blog, and we know that keywords play a huge role in the SEO.  But do you actually know the best way to use keywords in a blog post, or are you simply stuffing your post hoping that success will come your way?

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