How To Find Blog Topic Ideas

Knowing how to find blog topic ideas might mean the difference between a successful blog and one that is going to run dry.  Many bloggers start their blog with fantastic intentions and excitement, but then find that this all dissipates as their ideas seem to vanish in a puff of smoke.

Does this sound familiar?

A successful blog needs to be interesting to it’s readers.  If it’s not interesting, then traffic will cease to come and your blog will die a slow death.  Having content (and interesting content) is therefore important to keep your blog alive.

Adding content to your site is certainly not something that will happen magically, and it will take a lot of time and effort on your part.  It is therefore crucial that you enjoy the topic you are blogging about, because you are going to spend a lot of time doing it!

Even the most passionate bloggers will have brain freeze at times when it comes to thinking of future posts.  

So how do you find those blog topic ideas?

8 places to locate those fantastic blog topic ideas:

Blog Post ideas1. Google Alerts

If you have a Gmail account, then you can easily set up Google Alerts to target specific phrases.  Once you have set up your selections, you will receive emails alerting you to the topics of choice.

By setting up Google alerts, you are literally having information being sent straight to your inbox.  This can be a fantastic way of sparking blog topic ideas in your head.

Google alerts are also great for keeping you up to date with what is happening in your niche so you too can keep your blog updated!

2. Twitter Search

If you havn’t ever used the Twitter Search function, then now is a good time to learn how to do this!

You can search for words and phrases that relate to your blog niche, and it is an easy way to see what other people are talking about.

This is highly beneficial because not only does it give you some content ideas, but it offers you other bloggers which you can follow and build relationships with.

3. Google Blog Search

If you would like to know what the hot topics are in other blogs, you might like to conduct a Google Blog Search.  This will help you keep abreast with what other bloggers are talking about, and give you blog topic ideas to follow suit.  Of course you should not be copying these bloggers, but it may give you an idea that you would have not have otherwise thought about.

4. Google News

A great way of finding new blog topic ideas is to follow the news and see what is happening that is related to your niche.  This is a great way of attracting new readers and subscribers.  People naturally love to hear about what is the hot topic of current events, so if you write about this, then people will want to read it.

Use this to your advantage and write specifically about what is hot right now!  Check out Google News to give you some ideas.

5. Subscribe to Other Blogs and Forums

If you are serious about building your online profile then it is really important to subscribe to other blogs and forums in your niche.  This will not only keep you up to date with what other’s are talking about, but it will help build your profile.

6. Keep a Running List

I love lists, so why not make a list of all your blog topic ideas as they come to you!  If you find a great idea to write about, but your current schedule is full or you don’t have the time….write it down!

It would be incredibly frustrating to be wasting time trying to think of that awesome idea you had when you could literally just look at your list!

If you are keen on writing a series on your blog, this would also help you to organize your thoughts.  A series is where you schedule several posts on the one topic, and having a list would be a great way of preparing in advance.

7. Check Your Traffic Statistics

Are you checking your traffic updates?  Do you know what it is that your readers are interested in?  Statistics can tell you so much about what is hot on your blog, so definitely spend some time investigating them.  Check your website traffic reports to see what topics of phrases are being searched for and continue to write about those on your blog.  Why try and reinvent the wheel, when something is already working.  Do more of that!

8. Ask People!!

Do you spend time asking your readers questions and then listening to their answers?  Why not throw some questions out there on your social media accounts and see what comes back to you.  If you are writing topics that you readers want to hear, then you are guaranteed to be getting traffic.

Stop second guessing what they might want, and just ask!  What have you got to loose after all!  Once you have the answers, add those blog topic ideas to your list!

Blog Topic Ideas

If you undertake these blogging tips on a regular basis, you will set yourself apart from other bloggers who are not, and you wont find yourself running out of blog topic ideas.

Not entirely sure how to make these resources work for you?  Why not tap into the learn how to blog program where you can be guided through the entire blogging process at your own pace.  From researching a topic, to formatting and getting that topic ‘out there’, you will have the support available to reach your goals.

How do you normally think of blog topic ideas?  Do you have any tricks you would like to share?  Please leave us a comment below.


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Catherine Holt is the founder of Blogging Tips 101. She has been an internet marketer since 2012. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

6 Responses to “How To Find Blog Topic Ideas”

written by Angus On 10 February 2014 Reply

Some good ideas that I haven’t thought of – Thanks

written by Catherine Holt On 10 February 2014 Reply

Glad to hear it Angus. Good luck with putting some of these ideas into action :-)

written by Debbie Leven On 13 February 2014 Reply

A great list. I’d also add seasonal events. There are some things you know that happen every year and there’s a great opportunity to ride on the back of those – tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, is a classic example, there are many others.

Following influencers too is useful – to see what they are blogging/talking about and to think about how you can add a different view or move the topic on in some form or other with your own ideas.

written by Catherine Holt On 14 February 2014 Reply

Your right Debbie, seasonal events are very useful for piggybacking off. Much like using big events in the media…if everyone it talking about it, you might as well too! It will certainly drive more traffic.

That is a great idea to follow influencers. It is great to be inspired by others, and it is often that inspiration that spurs us forward. Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts :-)

written by Bhavesh Patel On 26 March 2014 Reply

I am always stuck when I am sitting to write any post. Because I am point blank what to right and on which topic? One of my friend is actually hold a poll and get the post idea from his readers. That’s great idea but I never think to apply that on my site. I surprise by reading the first point “Google Alerts” I didn’t know about this before and from now I actually find post from Alert ’cause already activate so many alert.

written by Catherine Holt On 26 March 2014 Reply

Have you narrowed down your niche Bhavesh? That would help with focusing on topics. Google alerts are a great source of inspiration, so now that you have set this up, I hope it helps :-)

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