Beginners Guide on how to write a blog post

Beginners Guide on How To Write A Blog Post

Many new bloggers may feel that they do not need to know how to write a blog post, after all it is simply writing isn’t it, how hard is that?

Well, in reality there is a lot more that goes into blog post writing than you may originally think, especially if you want to get traffic.

In this post we will look at the important aspects that you need to do when crafting your articles before you hit the publish button.  Let’s get started.

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Content is King

Why ‘Content Is King’ Is Still Relevant In The Blogging World

As bloggers, we are constantly told that “Content is King” wherever we turn online.  In this post I want to explore why we are told this and where the phrase originates.

“Content Is King” Origins

“Content is King” is a phrase that gets branded about a lot these days, especially by fellow bloggers and SEO specialists.  Due to its frequent usage it has probably lost a bit of its meaning to people, however that doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant anymore… far from it in fact.

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Social Networking Site Tsu

Welcome Tsu: The Social Networking Site That Pays You

Bloggers all love social networking right?  It’s half the fun of blogging after all, getting to meet other awesome people and make new connections.

You may have been hearing a lot of Buzz around the net about a new social networking platform, so it seemed timely to write a post all about it!

What is the platform that is creating all the hype?  Welcome to Tsu!

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Do Follow or No Follow Links

What’s The Difference Between Do Follow and No Follow Links?

If you’re like most bloggers you may be a bit confused about the whole do follow versus no follow debate. Understanding what each term means and the benefits or drawbacks of each linking strategy will help you to make the right decision when linking through your blog.

Before we dive into the definitions, think about this: what is your blogging intent? Why are you blogging?

Getting crystal clear on why you’re blogging and who you’re specifically blogging for clues you in to whether or not you should be using do follow or no follow to benefit your blog and your readership.

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