How To Use Hashtags

How To Use Hashtags To Promote Yourself On Social Media

Hashtags can be your best friends or worst enemies on social media websites. You may attract or repel targeted visitors depending on your understanding of how you use hashtags.

Don’t overdo it.

Treat hashtags as if you were cooking fish. Overcooking fish creates a poor-tasting, dried-out dish and undercooking fish creates a raw dish which will likely make you violently ill.

Overusing hashtags repels targeted visitors, creating a poor-tasting, worn-out social media stream and under using hashtags simply makes your social media stream and blog quite ill since you’re rarely if ever attract targeted visitors who would readily read your blog and buy your product or service.

Don’t overdo it. Use hashtags intelligently to draw in targeted readers through social media websites.

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Mi Muba on Blogging Tips 101

Blogging Tips From Mi Muba At Be A Money Blogger

Today I would like to extend a warm welcome to Mi Muba from Be A Money Blogger.  I have known Mi for a number of months now after we connected through a Google+ group.  Mi has extensive blogging experience and uses blogging as his full time income.  If you would like to learn how to make money from blogging, then Mi is certainly someone who can give sound advice on the matter.  

Please enjoy his interview and remember to share your comments and ask questions below.

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7 Useful Blogging Rules For New Bloggers

7 Useful Blogging Rules For New Bloggers

We are naturally scared of the unknown, which is why it can be a very daunting prospect when taking your first steps into a new industry.  Many people like the idea of starting their own website or blog online but the vast majority never will for fear of failure.

Admittedly there is a lot to learn about blogging when you start out, but that should not put you off, instead it should inspire and drive you to create the best site that you can.  After all, every blogger at some point was in the exact same position when they started.

I thought that I would put together a useful list of some blogging rules for you to follow when first starting out to ease some of those nerves!  That way, you have some clear pointers to follow whilst you continue to learn about the other aspects of blogging.

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Kirsten Burrows on Blogging Tips 101

Blogging Tips From Kirsten Burrows At Treat Yourself Sweeter

Today I would like to introduce you to Kirsten from Treat Yourself Sweeter.  I first had the pleasure of meeting Kirsten on Triberr, and since that time she has become a guest contributor over at my site at Smart Party Planning.  Aside from Kirsten’s mouth watering recipes, the thing that really captured my attention was her commitment to her blogging and her absolute passion for what she does.  

Whilst Kirsten is relatively new to the blogging world, you wouldn’t think so when looking at her slick, clean and confident site.  She knows the meaning of ‘engaged blogging’ and she is certainly someone to watch in the future.

So please make Kirsten feel welcome and connect with her at the end of the post!

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