Blogging Criticism into Blogging Income

5 Tips for Turning Blogging Criticism into Blogging Income

Criticism is gold. As bloggers you’ve likely read posts about how to shut out or ignore criticism.

Maybe you’ve heard how successful bloggers used criticism as fuel to burn their competitive fire.

Only one problem…..what you resist is true to you.

In some cases critics are mean spirited people who want to project their unhappiness on you but in many instances a less than tactful reader is presenting you with a golden nugget of truth. If a critic angers you, they did you a wonderful service. They revealed some block/truth that you should face and embrace to learn from.

Once you mine truth from criticism you can monetize feedback swiftly.

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Mommy Blogger Academy on Blogging Tips 101

Blogging Tips From Brittany Bullen: Mommy Blogger Academy

I always love featuring other bloggers on this site, but I was thrilled when Brittany Bullen agreed.  Brittany is a mum, a blogger and owner of a freelance blogging company.  She has achieved awesome success with her blogging adventures and today she shares her journey with us.  Please make Brittany feel welcome and connect with her at the end of the post.

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Top 10 Blogger Tips To Implement Today: {Infographic}

There are so many blogger tips that can be implemented it can be hard to know where to start with sharing them.  But for the purpose of this post, I thought I would share with you my Top 10.

This site is all about blogger tips, so you would have heard these all before I’m sure.  However what makes this post different is that today they have been collected together in a quirky little Infographic which I hope you enjoy!

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Awesome blog comments

Beginners Guide to Writing Awesome Blog Comments

You will have heard it a thousand times before that successful bloggers participate in blog commenting.  There are so many benefits of undertaking this practice that regardless of your niche I would encourage you to actively leave thoughtful blog comments.

Visiting and commenting on other people’s blogs is a great way to become part of that community and build networks.  However, just because you are going to participate in blog commenting, it doesn’t mean that you are good at it!

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