Basic Blogging Tips

7 Blogging Tips For The Beginner

When you first start to blog, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed with all the information overload.  There is so much to learn, that it is often quite difficult knowing where to start.  Whether you are new to the blogging world or an experienced blogger, these 7 blogging tips are still relevant.  If you are serious about wanting to learn to blog, these basic blogging tips will set you in the right direction.

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Handy Tips for Promoting your Blog through Social Media

Social media can boost your blog readership but this method is more than just simply sharing through different social platforms. Where you promote and who your target audience is important. Ask yourself: who is your target audience? Are they male or female or both? Are you targeting a geographic location? What other websites and online activities are your potential readers likely to be involved in?

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A Few SEO Strategies to Optimise your Blog in Today’s Market

With the major search engines making multiple algorithm changes routinely, it is important to get back to the basics of SEO for your blog. While the algorithm changes, the primary principles of optimisation stay the same. Don’t stress about the latest and greatest keywords and trying to predict what is going to be hot or not; instead, try a few strategies to boost your blog’s rank.

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