Promote Your Blog: Use Email Subscription

It is important to know how to promote your blog using an email subscription.  Anyone who is serious about wanting to build a business, can utilize blog tools to help their business grow.  A blog allows for continual updates providing customers with new and relevant information.

A blog helps to build a brand, provide opportunities and develop multiple streams of income.  I’m sure you have heard it time and time again, that in order to build your blog and gain an online income from it, you must have an email list!

Why Promote Your Blog With An Email List?

Regardless of where you are in your blogging journey, it is a good idea to start to build your list and capture the leads that are visiting your site.  Your list can be very powerful as an income source and a way for you to build and promote your blog.

After all the work you have undertaken to get people to your site, you now want to find a way to keep them coming back!  Engaging with your readers is a great way to keep their interest and a way of doing this is through email subscriptions to your blog.

Derek Halpern from Social Triggers explains the importance of having an email list and why this should be a main priority to promote your blog.  If you are not convinced, then check out his video below:

How Should I Present My Email Subscription?

In order to capture people’s attention, you need to ensure that you site is clutter free.  If there are too many things for readers to click on, the chances are they will leave your site without clicking on anything.  This is a hugely missed opportunity.

Each and every page on your blog should give people the opportunity to subscribe.  Ideally you should have your subscription box at the top of your site where it is easily recognizable.  It should also be visible from each of your posts.  You may also wish to include it in your about page.

You may want to offer a subscription whereby readers can obtain updates from you.  They can certainly do this via your social media profiles, but a fantastic way of keeping them updated is by having them subscribe to a list.  You never know when you might be turning one of these visitors into a customer!!

Advantages Of Using Email Subscription To Promote Your Blog

Promote Your Blog With Email SubscriptionThere are many advantages of using an email subscription to promote your blog.

Engagement: When readers click your subscription box, they are a actively engaging with you.  Once your readers ’click’ on your site, the search engines understand this as having sent appropriate traffic your way.  They will respond by sending more.

In a way, your readers are promoting your blog to the search engines.  That’s pretty cool right!

Relationship Building: Having a list enables you to build relationships with your readers which is more difficult through individual posts.  Readers will subscribe because they like what they see.  No-one wants their email box’s cluttered with useless information, so if they have subscribed, then those readers want to hear from you!

Readers are also more likely to send private messages to ask questions that they don’t feel is appropriate to place as comments on your site.  This all contributes to building a relationship with your readers and providing a one on one  service.

It’s Purposeful: Subscribers are more likely to promote your blog by sharing your content and engaging with something if you ask them to.  All of this leads to increased traffic and potentially increased revenue too.

If you send an email asking your readers to “like” or tweet a particular post, the chances are they will take a look and undertake your request.  Readers will subscribe because they have found your content to be interesting.  They are also more likely to share content that they find interesting!

You may have different methods for obtaining subscribers by offering different products.  Regularly review these to ascertain which is working well for you to enable you to boost your engagement.

There are many services that offer tools to assist with building your email list, including both free and paid services.  If you are new to blogging and not yet making an income (or a low income) you may not wish to spend money in order to build you list. Learn how to blog provides an email marketing service that is free of charge, which also includes an easy to use auto responder.

Are you building an email list to help promote your blog?  Please share how your email list has been helping you promote your blog.


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Catherine Holt is the founder of Blogging Tips 101. She has been an internet marketer since 2012. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

12 Responses to “Promote Your Blog: Use Email Subscription”

written by Sean Rasmussen On 11 April 2014 Reply

Good point, Catherine. Without email, there are less profits for a blogger. I guess my income would be halved without an email list.

written by Catherine Holt On 11 April 2014 Reply

Absolutely Sean. Having an email list is a fantastic way to “sell” to your readers, so to speak. Build the relationship first, and then present the sales. Trying to do it the other way around will be a lot more difficult.

Thanks for your comment :-)

written by Arun Kallarackal On 11 April 2014 Reply

Hi Catherine,

Agreed that building an e mail list is very important to promote a blog. Not only blog promotion, a good e mail list is also beneficial for affiliate marketers to increase sales.

As you said, each page on the blog should give people the opportunity to subscribe. Offering some free goodies upon subscribing is also a good strategy!

Nice post, thanks for sharing! :)


written by Catherine Holt On 11 April 2014 Reply

Thanks Arun. You are right, an email list is incredibly important when looking at increasing sales and the more you build it, the more benefit you will see.

I agree that having something to give away when readers subscribe is a nice incentive. Plus it’s nice to let you subscribers know that you appreciate them :-)

written by Marc On 11 April 2014 Reply

Building an email list is definitely one of the most important things you can do for the long-term health of your blog. When I started blogging about 6-7 years ago RSS was becoming really popular and everyone was saying how it was better than email because you don’t have to deal with spam filters. Now everyone has gone back to recommending email lists because the subscribers are so much more responsive than RSS subscribers. I wish I had started building email lists a few years earlier than I did.

written by Catherine Holt On 11 April 2014 Reply

I guess we can’t turn back the clock Marc, but we can make sure that we do things right from this point on. Live and learn so they say!!

Email lists are definitely a way to engage with your readers so the sooner you start to build one the better :-)

written by Dana@chocolateandsunshine On 14 April 2014 Reply

Thanks for a great post!! I have e-mail subscription but find that many don’t activate it in their e-mail inboxes. Also, is it okay to start an e-mail list for promotion of the blog, via the e-mails I’ve collected from Comments, Twitter Followers and other social media accounts? My social media accounts are growing quicker than my subscription followers. I’m similar in that I prefer to limit what is going into my In-Box.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

written by Catherine Holt On 14 April 2014 Reply

Do you have something on offer Dana that is encouraging your readers to “activate” it in their inbox? If they are subscribing to receive something, it means they WANT IT.

You will find that readers will therefore complete the process because otherwise they are missing out on that ‘thing’ they want to receive. If they are subscribing purely for ‘updates’, it may not be something that is an urgency for them, and then hence don’t immediately go to confirm their subscription…which may then just get forgotten about. Just a thought!

Absolutely use your questions you have gained via social media to promote your blog. Questions and comments are a great way to give ideas and new content, so use that to your advantage :-)

written by Bhavesh Patel On 22 April 2014 Reply

After reading this post honestly I am idiot. I am blogger and not create a mail list. But from now I work on it and correct my mistake what I have done.

Thanks Catherine for guide me on create mail list. :)

written by Catherine Holt On 22 April 2014 Reply

Ha ha Bhavesh. “Idiot” may be a strong word, but maybe you wern’t using the best approach! The important thing however is that you have recognised the value of a list and you are going to rectify it!! You can’t turn back the clock, but you can make improvements from this point. Good luck with your list building :-)

written by Bhavesh Patel On 23 April 2014 Reply

Thanks Catherine.. I know we can’t turn clock back but I guess from now I focus more on list building too. :)

written by Catherine Holt On 23 April 2014 Reply

That sounds like a great plan Bhavesh :-)

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